MaxKare Massager Review with Heat Bubbles Vibration

The MaxKare Foot Spa creates an ambiance of calm and relief when you come back home from work. This device combines heat, bubbles, and vibrations to release you from the stress and soreness in your feet.


MaxKare Foot SpaThe first feature one is attracted to about the MaxKare Foot Spa is the combination of functions. The device healing vibrations, which can further generate bubbles. To these two functions, you can add warmth if you experience stiffness in your muscles. These three settings can work separately or all at once. The idea is that vibrations release the tension while bubbles provide a soothing foot spa and massage. If your feet suffer from inflammation or swelling, you can adjust the gentle bubbles to work with cold water.

The spa machine is powerful enough to make you feel like you are enjoying a professional foot massage at home. The basin can fit feet up to size 15 for men. This makes it a practical device for the whole family. You can buy it for yourself or as the perfect gift.

Do not worry about the water getting cold too quickly. Not only that the foot spa can heat the water, but it can also maintain the proper temperature for long massages. Before you start using it, adjust the water temperature between 95℉ – 118℉/35℃-48℃, and relax. The device will do the rest.

Another advantage of this unit is that it ensures your safety at all times. The design fits FDA certification standards. The model has undergone a full inspection before going on the market. To prevent water from splashing outside the basin, the manufacturer has constructed the device with a curved front part. If water still manages to jump from the edges of the basin, the built-in electric leakage protection will prevent any dangers from occurring.

One of the drawbacks you need to be aware of is the questionable comfort that the removable rollers provide. Some people might find them causing a painful sensation on the soles of the feet. The good thing is that you can remove them and only benefit from the healing effects of water.

The fact that individual attachments can be removed proves that this foot spa machine is versatile and adaptable to all needs. The design is ergonomic and light. The rubber inside the massager ensures the stability of the device. You can remove the inner case to clean it and maintain the foot spa in good shape.

Rest assured that the MaxKare Foot Spa will be considerably easy to use. There is an LCD screen that shows you the set temperature and the settings you have chosen. You will find the instructions straightforward. No batteries are needed for this device as it works with electricity. The 69-inch cable comes with the package.

Overall, the MaxKare Foot Spa is an excellent pick if you want to experience a quality foot massage at home. The triple function will improve the state of your muscles and accelerate your metabolism.


  • Dimensions: 16.8 x 14.8 x 8.5 inches
  • Weight: 3.5lbs
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Power Rating: 500W


The manufacturer has not given information on accessible warranty, limited or not. However, you can contact the company to ask about any possible options. The customer service is approachable and helpful.


  • 3 in 1 uses – This device comes with the ability to produce heat, vibrations, and bubbles all at once or individually. Each of these features offers various benefits for the well-being of your muscles. This foot spa provides tension release while you are relaxing at home.
  • Safe to use – The FDA certification guarantees the high-quality of this product. After all inspections performed, you can rest assured that the leakage protection function will prevent any dangers from happening.


  • Rollers – Some customers might find the massaging rollers a bit uncomfortable. A great thing is that you can remove them if you experience pain when they are in motion.
  • Bubbles – Although the bubbles do the job to massage your feet, they are not enough to bubble up the whole water. However, if the quantity of bubbles does not matter too much to you, you can rest assured that the performance of the foot spa will still be impeccable.