Wireless TENS Units – (Reviews & Ultimate Buying Guide 2020)

It is no secret that the computer and telecommunications industry was shaken up by wireless technology. Having to plug a cable into the clunky computer just so that you can browse the internet, was no fun at all, so when wireless technology was invented, everyone was happy.

The electronics industry moves quickly, and nowadays you can see pretty much everything incorporating this technology. Tens units are no exception, and today everyone is looking for the best wireless tens unit. Such devices are durable, convenient, and discreet, and will surely help you manage your pain.

Still, finding a high-quality unit can be harder than expected, as there are many products available and different things you need to bear in mind before deciding on one. Therefore, in this buying guide, we have prepared a lot of useful info, tips, and reviews on wireless tens units that we believe are the most reliable devices nowadays.

Easy@Home Rechargeable Compact Wireless TENS Unit

[email protected] Rechargeable Compact Wireless TENS Unit

  • Price: $$$
  • Battery: Rechargeable battery
  • Intensity level: 20
  • Modes: 6
  • Weight: 20 g
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iReliev Wireless TENS

iReliev Wireless TENS

  • Price: $$$$$
  • Battery: Rechargeable battery
  • Intensity level: 25
  • Modes: 14
  • Weight: 1.4 oz
View On iReliev
Big-Fun TENS Unit

Big-Fun TENS Unit

  • Price: $$$
  • Battery: 1 Nonstandard Battery
  • Intensity level: 10
  • Modes: 5
  • Weight: 15g
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Icy Hot Smart Relief TENS Muscular and Chronic Pain Relief Starter Kit

Icy Hot Smart Relief TENS Muscular and Chronic Pain Relief Starter Kit

  • Price: $$
  • Battery: 2 CR2 batteries
  • Intensity level: 63
  • Modes: N/A
  • Weight: 0.32 ounces
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Easy@Home Wireless Rechargeable TENS Unit

[email protected] Wireless Rechargeable TENS Unit

  • Price: $
  • Battery: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Intensity level: 15
  • Modes: 6
  • Weight: 19 g
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WiTouch Wireless TENS Device

WiTouch Wireless TENS Device

  • Price : $$$$
  • Battery: 1 CR2 battery required
  • Intensity level: 20% higher intensity output
  • Modes: 2
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds
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Our Reviews on Wireless Tens Units

These are the top 6 units that we picked for you after scrutinizing them. They are not arranged in any specific order, as we believe they are all high-quality products. Read them all, and decide for yourself.

1. [email protected] Rechargeable Compact Wireless TENS Unit

Easy@Home Rechargeable Compact Wireless TENS UnitThis tens unit is natural, drug-free, and highly effective. It is FDA cleared for at home use, and therefore it is safe and effective. The fact that it is wireless is its most significant advantage. Using this unit, you will be able to move freely and wear it discretely under your clothes. The compact design makes the device easy to carry and to use.

Another advantage the [email protected] Rechargeable Compact Wireless TENS Unit has is the fact that you can also use it on-the-go and while walking. It features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides long-lasting power. Bear in mind that you have to charge the unit before first-time use.

The six automated massage program options and the 20 power levels for intensity compensate for the fact that the unit’s buttons are loud when adjusting and that the electrodes are not enough for the coverage of your back. Another thing we liked about this unit is the pair of gel electrode pads that are included.


  • Charges quickly
  • 6 Automated Massage Program Options
  • 1-year guarantee
  • It comes with a pair of gel electrode pads


  • It does not have an automatic shut off
  • The buttons are loud when adjusting
  • Not enough electrodes for back coverage

2. iReliev Wireless TENS

iReliev Wireless TENSThe iReliev Wireless TENS literally combines two therapies in one device. Besides the fact that the unit can deliver low-voltage pulses to your skin to stimulate the nerve fibers and block the pain signal to your brain, the device also features an EMS- Electrical Muscle Stimulation. In general, EMS is the elicitation of muscle contraction via electrical impulses.

Because of the EMS, this device is highly suitable for athletes since it can serve as a strength training and rehab tool. What our team really liked is that the iReliev Wireless TENS comes with 8 TENS modes for pain relief and arthritis, and 6 EMS modes for endurance, strength, muscle recovery, and exercise warm-up.

The fact that it is wireless makes this system easy to use and set up. The TENS comes with two wireless pods but can run up to 4 isolated modes per pod. You can also buy additional pods if you want to. We didn’t like how confusing the “off” setting is, as you have to go through a series of settings to turn the pads and the unit off.


  • Features EMS
  • 8 TENS modes
  • 6 EMS modes


  • Only comes with one set of pads
  • Confusing “off” setting
  • Not that comfortable when on the back

See full Ireliev Wireless Tens + EMS Unit review


3. Big-Fun TENS Unit

Big-Fun TENS UnitThis pocket-size Big-Fun TENS unit effectively eases stress, muscle tension, and promotes blood circulation. The device features 5 modes and 10 intensities, so you can customize your experience according to your needs.

We really liked how portable the unit is. You can enjoy neck and back massage anytime, anywhere, due to the unparalleled portability of the device. Using this Big-Fun TENS unit is also easy, you simply have to press the buttons. However, when the device is on your back, the situation gets harder, and you may need someone to assist you.

The device has a convenient USB charging design and takes around one hour to charge fully. In the product’s description, it is said that it can last up to 15 days with 2 to 3 charges, but that really depends on how often you use it, and we believe that ‘around 10 days’ is the more accurate description. In the package, you get one neck muscle massager, one rechargeable controller, a USB cable, one storage pad, and one plastic storage bag.


  • Advanced technology
  • USB charging design
  • 5 modes and 10 intensities


  • The adhesive pads don’t stick very well
  • Hard to use by yourself if it’s on your back

4. Icy Hot Smart Relief TENS Muscular and Chronic Pain Relief Starter Kit

Icy Hot Smart Relief TENS Muscular and Chronic Pain Relief Starter KitThe most exceptional quality of the Icy Hot Smart Relief TENS Muscular and Chronic Pain Relief Starter Kit is the fact that it is comfortable to wear and easy to use since it is wireless. You can wear it under your clothes and go for a day out with your friends, or you can use it from the comfort of your home.

The device relieves painful muscles and joints and is extremely powerful. The Icy Hot Smart Relief TENS Muscular and Chronic Pain Relief Starter Kit features 63 intensity levels and includes a reusable electrode pad. The pad is designed for targeting muscular and chronic pain, and that is the main difference between this icy hot unit and other TENS units.

The device indeed has a lot of pros; however, there are some things that our team does not like, for example, the batteries that you have to replace often since the unit is that powerful. You also may need assistance to apply the device, and when it comes to the shoulder area, the pads do not stick that well.


  • 63 intensity levels
  • Reusable electrode pad
  • Designed for targeting chronic pain


  • Doesn’t stick as well as it should
  • Hard to apply by yourself
  • You have to replace the batteries often

See full Icy Hot Smart Relief TENS review

5. [email protected] Wireless Rechargeable TENS Unit

Easy@Home Wireless Rechargeable TENS UnitThe [email protected] Wireless Rechargeable TENS Unit is natural, drug-free, safe, and useful. You can use it in your home, while watching TV, or outside while taking a walk since it is easily hidden under the clothes.

This [email protected] TENS unit generates small pulses of electrical current and uses adhesive electrode pads to deliver these pulses to our skin. We find the device to be powerful enough, but we didn’t like the fact that the replacement pads cost pretty much the same as the unit itself. Also, the original pair of pads tend to wear off quickly.

On the other hand, this device uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that guarantees a long-lasting power. You get 5 automated massage program options and 15 power levels for intensity. The machine is easy to control as it has 2 buttons only- one for on/off and one for adjusting the intensity.  We believe that the most significant advantage this unit has is the wireless, no remote control design, and the fact that you won’t have to replace batteries so frequently.


  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Discreet
  • 15 power levels for intensity


  • Expensive replacement pads
  • The pads wear off easily

6. WiTouch Wireless TENS Device

WiTouch Wireless TENS DeviceWhat we really like about this unit, besides being controlled with a wireless hand-held remote, is that you can wear it discretely under your clothes on a long flight as well as daily on a bus tour. It is simple to move around while using the WiTouch Wireless TENS Device and let’s face it, this is an essential part to consider when choosing a unit.

This TENS device Is advertised as drug-free and with no side effects, but we cannot be so sure about the latter, as pretty much all TENS units could lead to some side effects, such as headache. Still, it is worth the risk as the device is as powerful as professional equipment. It has 2.5 times larger treatment area coverage, and 20% higher intensity output than most portable units.

This device has replaceable gel pads that you can use with no additional gel. We just wish they would make a rechargeable unit that you can simply plug in for a charge and eliminate the battery changing daily. But other than that, we recommend this WiTouch Wireless TENS Device.


  • Powerful
  • Large treatment area coverage
  • Discrete


  • It is not rechargeable
  • The batteries do not last as much as they should

How Does Wireless TENS Devices Work?

Benefits of Wireless TENS Devices

Living in pain is the worst feeling possible, and wireless TENS devices are one of the most effective and affordable alternatives to clinical therapy that is available. TENS units use special pads through which they deliver tiny electric shocks to muscle tissues. They can be wired or wireless in nature, and in this buying guide, we will focus on the wireless type.

These shocks help reduce muscle pain and relax muscles. They are often prescribed for specific forms of muscle injuries, used by bodybuilders in their post-workout kit to help relieve Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), and in massage therapy.

TENS is used for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, and such units use low-voltage electrical current to relieve pain. A tens unit contains a small, battery-operated machine with the size of a pocket radio. Most of the units include two electrodes, which are placed on the areas where you feel pain or at a pressure point. This creates an electric pulse circuit that travels along your nerve fibers.

People experience less pain when the electrical impulses are provided because the electricity that is generated from the electrodes stimulates the nerves present in the affected area. And indication to the brain is then sent by this stimulation, and the brain blocks the pain signals.

Another theory related to the working principle of wireless tens units is that the electrical nerve stimulation encourages the production of endorphins. Endorphins are natural pain killers, and they stop the pain perception.

With TENS units, you can set the electrical current flow, the wavelength frequency, and the intensity based on your personal requirements. These settings are often prescribed by your chiropractor, doctor, or acupuncturist.

Why Going Wireless is a Good Choice?

Wired TENS models can get very costly sometimes. Just like cheap headphones, wires are prone to damage, and replacing them can get quite expensive. For this reason, wireless tens units tend to be among the most desired models, since they are not likely to develop shorts and can save you a significant amount of money in the long-term when compared to wired models.

Benefits of Having a Wireless Tens Unit

Best Wireless TENS Units

The pros and cons of a muscle stimulator are something you must be familiar with, before purchasing a unit. Here are the main benefits a wireless tens unit has to offer:

  • No cables

Wireless tens units are really convenient since you don’t have to attach cables to electrodes and after that plug them into a machine.

Imagine how irritating it is when you get a unit out of the cupboard only to find its wires all tangled up in a mess- not a fun situation, is it? Well, with wireless tens units you won’t have to experience this.

  • They are discreet

Many wireless tens units can be worn underneath clothing, so people won’t even notice you are using such a device. This is a problem when wires are included, as they are impossible to hide, and therefore always seen. However, with a wireless unit, there will be no wires coming out of your pocket, and you will feel comfortable all through the day. Bear in mind, that you have to talk to a medical professional first and make sure that this treatment is suitable for you.

  • Easy adjustment

If you own a model with a remote control that you know how easy it is to make adjustments.

  • Highly portable

Another great advantage the wireless tens units have is the fact that they are highly mobile. These units have fewer accessories to carry, and you can bring them with yourself wherever you go.

  • Pain relief

Self-massage tools do not cure the source of the pain, but they surely help with the relief or a reduction. Wireless tens units work most effectively when it comes to acute pain that has been around for less than three months. While the severe injury heals, you can expect temporary relief in pain; however, the machine won’t stop the chronic pain from returning.

  • Can substitute some meds

Often, a wireless tens unit can substitute for over the counter pain meds. This is a significant advantage, as you know that such pain meds can have their own side effects. This, of course, must be approved by your doctor.

Drawbacks of Having a Wireless Tens Unit

As much as we love these units and all the advantages they offer us, there are still some disadvantages that deserve mentioning.

  • Wireless Tens units have less pre-programmed features and modes.


  • Some devices might lack power as they use batteries.


  • Not all models allow you to lie on your back.


  • Using manufacturer’s own replacement pads is a must.


  • A wireless TENS device may not provide as many electrode pads as a wired one.


  • Anxious mood

It is entirely reasonable that you feel a particular anxiousness in your mood after using this machine. This, however, doesn’t mean that it is a pleasant feeling. This happens because of the electric shocks that can easily affect your levels of anxiety.

  • Migraine

People who already suffer from migraine or even those who have never dealt with that feeling might start complaining of it.

Factors To Consider When Choosing a Wireless Tens Unit

Wireless TENS Unit ReviewsThere are several factors that are essential to consider while selecting a wireless tens unit. We mention a few of them below for your convenience.

  • How Many Therapy Modes or Programs Does it Feature?

This is one of the most vital factors to consider when choosing wireless tens units. Lower priced models may not offer the variety of modes you require. On the other hand, some expensive units may have too complicated features, which is not really suitable if you are tech-savvy or if you just want to get yourself a single unit.

Most of the devices offer different therapy modes that include hand pressure, cupping, fist, tapping, and acupuncture. However, if the machine does not have pre-programmed modes like this, then you may have to get an additional device to manipulate the pulse and width for such experience. The good news is that most wireless tens units have pre-programmed modes and you won’t have to spend extra money.

TENS units are useful, but they are not massage chairs. So if you really want a variety of therapy modes and programs, make sure you check our buying guide and reviews on massage chairs.

  • How Many Channels Does it feature?

Most of the wireless tens units come with dual channels, which means that different intensity can be used on two areas of the body. We recommend that you look for a device with 4 channels if you want to target more than 2 different areas.

The number of channels depends on the number of pads the device has. Each pad usually has two channels.

  • Intensity Levels

Tens units have different intensity levels, just like pre-programmed tens models. You need to ensure that the model you decide on has enough intensity range since some people find their machines to have less or too high intensity. Having a wide range of intensity levels helps you customize your experience. If you want an excellent intensity range, power is also a factor that should be considered.

  • Timer Option

This feature is beneficial, especially if you like to run your unit for a pre-determined period. Depending on the brand you decide on, the timer lengths vary. Some manufacturers have designed their units with an auto-shutoff feature, which means that once the pre-determined time is completed, the device will automatically switch-off. However, not everyone enjoys these features, and it can get irritating if you want to use your unit for a more extended period.

  • Battery

The kind of battery your machine uses is something you must consider. Standard batteries can easily be replaced. It is always a good approach to stock a pile of cells, as some units consume a lot of power. An alternative to standard batteries are rechargeable ones, They are really convenient if you need to use the tens daily. Luckily for you, most devices have rechargeable batteries

  • Size

This is a significant feature to think about since you will use the device in different places. The dimensions of the models available on the market nowadays vary widely. You have to choose the one that fits perfectly for your requirement. If you plan to use it while in the office (assuming that you don’t have a massage office chair), in a meeting, or when walking, you need to look for a smaller unit that you will be able to hide under your clothes. However, if you plan to use your wireless tens unit only at home, you may consider getting a larger unit, as they are also more powerful.

  • Interferential

Only a few wireless tens units feature an interferential therapy. The working principle of this type of treatment is simple- two electric pulse levels are sent to the affected area, which interrupts/ confuses the pain signals that are sent to the brain. Thus, you get quick relief from the pain.

  • EMS

Devices that feature EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) are an excellent choice for sport-enthusiasts since they have to manage pain without reducing the strength levels. If we have to be more precise, TENS provide pain relief by blocking the pain signals, while EMS works by contracting the muscle to do the same. That’s why devices with EMS are often preferred.

  • Accessories

Additional accessories are always a good option. Conductive gel, car chargers, and extra pads are handy, and buying them separately can get costly. Therefore, a wireless tens unit that comes with these things will save you money and give you comfort.

A great accessory that we would recommend to get is a massage cushion. If you are interested, make sure you check our buying guide and our reviews on the most reliable units.

Who Should Avoid Using a Tens Unit?

Usually, wireless tens units are safe to use. However, there are some contraindications for a TENS machine that you must be aware of.

  • Some people have gentle skin, and the electrical impulses can be too harsh for them. This can lead to skin irritation, and sometimes to a burning sensation.
  • If you are pregnant, then you must not use such a device. The reason is that the effect of electrical stimulation on the fetus is still not known.
  • Precautions must be taken when it comes to heart patients using this device.
  • People who have skin allergies might have adverse reactions to electrode pads.
  • People who use pacemakers, infusion pumps, defibrillators should not use any type of electrical current stimulation producing devices.
  • Avoid using wireless tens units on skin lesions, carotid artery, head, and over the front part of the neck.
  • Do not use such a unit on desensitized skin.

Our team recommends that you visit and consult a physical therapist or chiropractor so that you could know the right method of using the device and avoid any side effects. Always follow the instructions carefully. Do not use a wireless tens unit in combination with any other conventional medical treatment before you have discussed it with your doctor. Most of the times, it is suggested that you forgo the medical treatment and rely on TENS unit only.

Safety Tips on How To Use a Wireless Tens Unit

Just like with any other machine, certain precautions have to be followed if you want to avoid side effects.

  • A TENS unit must never be immersed in water.
  • You should avoid placing the wireless tens unit close to excessive heat.
  • Such a device must not be used while operating machinery or when driving.
  • Do not place the unit near alarms or hear monitors.
  • The electrode pads must not be placed on eyes, carotid arteries, across the front of the head, on heads of children that are under 12-years-old, near malignant tumors, and on abdomen if you are pregnant.
  • The pad’s position should be changed periodically.
  • You should avoid using a wireless tens unit for more than one hour at a time.
  • Do not sleep TENS units on without a timer set.

Wireless TENS Units Comparison Chart

[email protected] Rechargeable Compact Wireless TENS Unit

$$$Rechargeable battery20620 g
WiTouch Wireless TENS Device

$$$$1 CR2 batteries required20% higher intensity output21.5 pounds
iReliev Wireless TENS

$$$$$Rechargeable battery25141.4 oz
Big-Fun TENS Unit

$$$1 Nonstandard Battery10515g
Icy Hot Smart Relief TENS Muscular and Chronic Pain Relief Starter Kit

$$2 CR2 batteries63N/A0.32 ounces
[email protected] Wireless Rechargeable TENS Unit

$Rechargeable lithium-ion battery15619 g

Wrap Up

Well, guys, the hard part is over, you have successfully arrived at the end of our buying guide to finding the best wireless tens unit. We really hope that the information we gathered helped you, and most importantly, that our reviews on wireless tens units proved to be useful.

If this is true, and you think that our piece is indeed useful, do not forget to share it with others. Your family and friends might find the article interesting as well. Also, if there is anything you would like to tell us, feel free to leave us a comment or email us, we always appreciate the feedback.

The purpose of our team is to help our readers, that’s why we have written many articles devoted to finding the right unit. Make sure you spare some time and go have a look at them as well. Thanks for reading, and as always- stay put!