ETTGs SPA Bath Massager Review – Heat Infrared Vibrating

The ETTGs foot spa has an interesting and attractive design. The foot spa sits on four legs for increased stability, and it comes with a basket handle for increased portability. This unit offers multiple helpful features, and it provides good and relaxing foot spa experience.

Features And Programs

ETTGs Foot SPA Bath MassagerThe ETTGs foot spa provides a good mix of innovative and public favorite features, so you will be able to enjoy your time using it.

The good thing about this foot spa is that it’s relatively simple to operate, and you won’t need to study the instructions manual for too long before using it. Once you press the Power button, the spa will automatically start the bubble and heating features. The default settings will set the water temperature at 42 degrees, but you can change it manually whenever you want.

Another good thing is that the spa’s features are adjustable, and you can tweak them until you’re fully satisfied. The water’s temperature can be set to any values between 35 – 48 degrees C, and you can change the temperature using 1-degree increments. When you change the temperature, the display will show you the set temperature for 3 seconds, and then it comes back to displaying the current temperature

The unit’s control panel is easy to use, and all its functions can be turned on and off when you want. The panel is simple and straightforward, and it has only 4 buttons. You will be able to learn how to operate the spa in a couple of minutes.

The bath machine uses four rollers to massage your feet. The rollers are long and wide enough to massage the soles of your feet, and they will improve your blood circulation and relieve fatigue.

You will be glad to learn that this foot spa was designed to provide a relaxing experience to your feet, ankles, and calves. The basin is deeper than those of other models, so it’s suitable for people with longer feet.

The air bubble feature provides a more comfortable experience, and it produces a lot of bubbles that raise against your skin. The feature can be turned on and off at any time.

As far as the water is concerned, you can either fill the basin with warm water directly or fill it with cold water and use the infrared heaters to warm it up. The water’s temperature will rise steadily, and you can see its current temperature on the display.

The spa comes with an overheating protection that will automatically turn off the unit if it overheats for any reason. The plastic used in the spa’s construction has a high-temperature resistance, and it’s very durable.


  • Type: Electric Foot Spa
  • Application: foot, ankle, calf
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Power: 500W
  • Product Size: 42 x 37 x 28 cm
  • Depth: 18 cm
  • Maximum Capacity: 10 L
  • Temperature Range: 35 – 48 C
  • Power Cord Length: 1.8 m

Warranty & Service

The foot spa comes with a 1-year warranty certificate. All the customers are eligible for returns during the first 30 days after they receive the product. If the spa is damaged on arrival, you won’t be responsible for the return cost.


  • Deep – The spa is deeper than other models, and some customers might appreciate that. The water will be deep enough to reach your calves when the basin is filled at its maximum capacity
  • Good Infrared Heaters – This spa comes with high-quality infrared heaters. The heaters are very efficient, and they will warm up the water quickly. They will also maintain the water’s temperature at a constant level for the whole duration of your massage.


  • No Instructions – Some customers complained that their spas arrived without the instructions manual. Even though the control panel is easy to use, this might be a disadvantage for some people
  • Rollers Are Not Motorized – The rollers at the bottom of the basin are not motorized, so you’ll have to move your feet back and forward to massage them. This can lead to water spillage if the spa is full of water.

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