Hangsun FM200 Pedicure Massager Review – Infrared Heat

The Hangsun foot spa is a small yet efficient machine. Thanks to its innovative design, this unit is lightweight and portable. This foot spa uses two small removable rollers to massage the soles of your feet. You can also massage your feet on the unit’s middle handle.

Features And Programs

Hangsun FM200 Foot Spa ReviewThe Hangsun foot spa incorporates some of the most popular foot massage features. Even though it has a compact design, this unit can fit people who wear up to 14 size shoes.

A good thing about this model is that it comes with removable rollers. Some people appreciate the massages produced by roller, but others find them too rough for the soles of their feet. Well, you can choose whether or not to use the rollers every time you use the spa. The bottom of the unit is covered with massage naps, so you will still receive a massage even without the rollers.

Another good feature is the bubble massage. Unlike other models currently available on the market, this feature produces a lot of bubbles which rise against your skin. This massage produces a gentle exfoliation, and it is very soothing and relaxing. The sound of bubbling water will allow your mind to relax while your feet are getting a massage.

The vibration massage will enhance your massage sessions. This feature moves the water around your legs, making the massage more relaxing.

You will be able to move the Hangsun spa with ease. The unit’s compact design is easy to carry, and the middle handle is durable and ergonomic. The handle can also be used to massage the soles of your feet on two small rollers.

The foot spa is not capable of heating the water. However, the machine has a built-in thermostat you can use to maintain the water’s temperature. This model uses a PTC semiconductor to keep a constant water temperature. The semiconductor can keep the water at temperatures between 100 to 118 degrees F.

A great thing about this foot spa is its design. Even though it’s compact, it’s large enough for size 14 feet. The handle is sturdy and durable, and the unit stands on non-slip rubber feet to prevent sliding on shiny surfaces. The anti-splash protection in the front is also a nice touch, and it will protect your carpets and wood floors from water spillage.


  • Type: Electric Foot Spa
  • Application: foot
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Power: 300W
  • Product Size: 16.93 x 9 x 13.78 inches
  • Maximum Capacity: 4 L
  • Temperature Range: 100 – 118 F

Warranty & Service

The Hangsun foot spa comes with a 12-month warranty. You will also receive a 30-days money back guarantee, but the 30 days start from the date of the purchase, not when you receive the package. You will have to contact the manufacturer directly within the 30 days to send the items back for exchange or for a refund.

The warranty does not extend to physical damage resulting from misuse or improper installation.


  • Compact – This foot spa won’t take up too much room, so you’ll be able to store it easily. The small dimensions will also allow you to handle and carry the basin with ease.
  • Removable Rollers – Some people don’t like massaging their feet on rollers because they find the massage too tough for the soles of their feet. This unit allows you to remove the rollers, so you won’t have this problem. You will still get a massage because the bottom of the basin is covered in massage naps.


  • Doesn’t Heat The Water – This foot spa doesn’t heat the water. The unit uses a PTC semiconductor to keep the water warm, but eventually, the water’s temperature will drop below the 100 degrees F the thermostat should ensure.
  • Guidance Lines Are Bad – If you fill the spa with water until it reaches the guidance lines, the water will spill. Even with the anti-spillage protection, some of it will still end up on your floor when you submerge your feet.

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