Real Relax Zero Gravity Recliner Review – Heat and Foot Rollers

The Real Relax massage chair is currently one of the cheapest models currently available that’s good enough to make our list. This massage chair offers 4 predefined massage programs, a zero gravity feature, and it has 50 airbags capable to provide an immersive experience.

You will need to assemble the chair when you receive it, but the whole assembly process is easy and the instruction manual provides enough information to help you finish in about 10 – 15 minutes.

Features And Programs

Real Relax Full Body Massage ChairThe massage chair has 8 built-in massage points in the backrest that work alongside the airbags to provide a thorough massage. A built-in heating system will heat your lower back area, doing a great job at relaxing your muscles. The heated massage does a great job at improving your blood circulation and metabolism.

The 50 airbags are placed all over the chair, including on the shoulder, arms, hips, seat, and legs areas. The alternative inflation and deflation of the airbags will provide a comfortable massage experience, and the pressure they produce is enough to properly stretch your muscles.

The zero gravity feature reclines the chair and lifts your legs so that your back sits in a comfortable position. This position will reduce the amount of pressure gravity puts on your back, and it will enhance the massage session.

This massage chair comes with a foot massage feature. Unlike other models, this one uses a foot roller for the massage, which is better than using only airbags. The foot massage can be accessed independently using the remote control.

Unlike top rated massage chair models, this one is portable. The chair is lighter than most other models available, and it also comes with 2 casters. You can just push the chair from one part of the house to another.

A massage session is completed in 15 – 30 minutes, but you can repeat the program if you want to spend more time in the chair.

Massage Techniques And Styles

This massage chair doesn’t use different techniques and massage styles. The 8 massage points are fixed in the backrest, so they won’t roll on your back, they will only apply pressure to your muscles.

You can only use the 4 predefined massage programs, but the combined use of the massage points and the 35 airbags provide a comfortable and relaxing experience.

The airbags around your shoulders and arms provide an immersive experience, and even though there are no rollers involved in massaging these areas, the massage is thorough and enjoyable.

Massage Intensity And Speed

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to change the massage’s speed and intensity when you use this massage chair. You will only be able to choose one of the predefined programs.

You can change the way the foot massager works, as it offers multiple modes. The footrest is adjustable, so it will fit both short and tall users.

Special Features

  • Hip Massage – The hip massage feature uses airbags and a vibrator to relax your hips. The airbags compress to massage the area while the vibrator shakes it. The result is surprisingly pleasant.
  • Foot Massage – The foot massage feature is nice, and it has multiple modes.
  • Heated Massage – The heated massage will relieve the pain in your lower back muscles


Voltage: 120V

Frequency: 60 Hz

Power Consumption: 230W Max

Chair Dimensions: 49” x 33” x 53”

Net Weight: 136.6 lbs

Warranty & Service

The company advertises a 3-year warranty for their product, but some customers complained they only received a 1-year warranty. We suggest you contact the customer support service to see which warranty is available before you order.


  • Cheap – This massage chair is one of the cheapest models currently available.
  • Portable – The massage chair weighs less than other models, and it has casters as well.
  • Remote Control Holder – The remote control holder makes it easy to store the remote somewhere within easy reach.


  • Fixed Massage Points – The 8 massage points are fixed in the backrest. If you’re unlucky, none of them might fall exactly over your aching muscle.
  • Not Good For Tall Users – The chair can only accommodate people who are under 6.1’

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