Kahuna SM-9000 Superior Review – AIR FLOAT 3D+

The Kahuna massage chair offers a relaxing experience to any user. The massage chair uses a 3D massage mechanism that follows the curvature of your back, making sure no muscle is left out.

The SM-9000 is quiet, and the improved sliding mechanism makes it easier to store. This is a versatile massage chair, and it’s suitable for both slim and large users. The massage chair uses 6 infrared rollers and more than 30 airbags to provide a relaxing massage.

Features And Programs

[2017 NEW SM SERIES ] AIR FLOAT 3D+ 6 INFRARED ROLLER MECHANISM KAHUNA SUPERIOR MASSAGE CHAIR - SM-9000 Comb (Brown WG)The Kahuna SM-9000 is a well-built chair that comes with a lot of features. The chair needs some assembling, but you should be able to have the chair working within an hour of opening the box. That said, the company could provide a better instructions manual, as the current one doesn’t provide too much information regarding the assembling process.

The chair’s 3D massaging function works really great, and the combined action of the infrared rollers and the airbags will provide a very comfortable and relaxing experience. The depth of the rollers is really surprising, and you will find yourself immersed in the chair’s padding.

The zero-gravity massage is another great feature that will make you enjoy the SM-9000 even more. Unlike other chair models, the SM-9000 only needs a 3-inch clearing to roll and lift you upwards. Once you’re facing the ceiling, the rollers will cover every inch of your body.

The SM-9000 offers 3 different feet massage settings. Even though the chair doesn’t have calf rollers, the airbags surrounding your calves and feet do a great job at applying pressure in all the right spots.

This chair comes with a built-in Bluetooth connection, so you can pair it with your laptop, TV, stereo, or phone to play music directly from the chair.

Massage Techniques And Styles

The SM-9000 offers 8 types of massages by default. All of them are different, and each is nice in its own way. Each predefined massage setting uses the 3D rollers and all the airbags, providing an excellent experience. You can also run the chair on manual mode, and configure your own program. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to manually program the chair to provide the same depth to the rollers as the default settings do.

The infrared rolls can be used both cold and heated. They will apply pressure on your back, relieving your body fatigue and improving the circulation.

The shortest program is the Renew, and it lasts 8 minutes. This program is designed to activate your muscles, and it balances relief and stretching. The longest program is Relief, and it lasts 20 minutes. This program is designed to relieve muscle ache and performs a soft massage all over your body.

Massage Intensity And Speed

The massage’s intensity and speed can be easily changed using the remote control. There are 3 intensity levels. The lowest intensity setting will only pass as a gentle caress, while the highest one will apply a good degree of pressure on your muscles.

The speed settings are similarly controlled through the remote. There are 3 speed levels.

Special Features

  • Acupressure Points – The arm massage area is covered with acupressure points. These points will offer a gripping feeling to your arms, amplifying the massage’s effects
  • LED Lights – The LED lights on the chair’s side panel offer a soothing environment when the lights are off.
  • Zipper Covering – The leg and foot covering can be removed for easy maintenance.


Voltage: 110 – 120V

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption: 230W Max

Chair Dimensions: 55.5” x 30” x 48.5”

Net Weight: 246.92 lbs

Warranty & Service

The Kahuna SM-9000 comes with a full 5-year warranty. The warranty covers all the parts and labor cost, including on site repair services.

The warranty doesn’t cover the shipping expenses, nor the wear and tear signs.


  • 8 Default Massage Settings – The SM-9000’s massage settings are nice and well optimized. The shortest program is 8 minutes long, and the longest lasts for 20 minutes, but all of them offer different styles and techniques
  • 3D Massage – The 3D massage feature is great, and it will provide a comfortable and relaxing experience. The chair depth will allow you to feel immersed in it, and both your sides and your back will feel comfortable
  • Bluetooth – The built-in Bluetooth connection will allow you to connect to any media streaming device.


  • Poor Instructions Manual – The instructions manual is not very thorough, and you might encounter some difficulties when assembling this chair. You can request assembly instructions from the manufacturer via email.
  • Remote Could Be Better – The remote cannot change the immersion and 3D depth, making a manual program inferior to the default ones.

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