Ideal massage Full Featured Shiatsu Review – with Built in Heat

The zero gravity massage chair produced by Ideal Massage is one of the highest-rated massage chairs on our list. This massage chair is reasonably priced, and it offers a good variety of features.

The Ideal Massage massage chair uses a 3D technology to detect your physical characteristics and personalize the massage session for a better experience. A single massage session can last between 5 – 30 minutes. You can either choose one of the 4 predefined massage programs or combine the 4 massage functions to create your own.

Features And Programs

Ideal Full Featured Shiatsu Massage ChairThe Ideal Massage chair uses 4 rollers to produce different massage techniques. The rollers are silent, and they offer a decent amount of pressure. They roll on the whole surface of your back, from your neck area to your lower back. Beside the rollers, the chair also uses airbags to enhance your massage experience. The airbags will inflate and deflate, providing a comfortable massage. The airbags are positioned in the shoulder, arm, seat, thighs, and calves areas.

The foot massage feature uses 6 kneading balls to massage the soles of your feet. The balls add a certain depth to the massage, and your feet will feel better after a session.

This chair also offers a heated massage feature. This feature will warm up your lower back muscles, allowing them to relax quicker and better. The chair needs a little time to warm up, but once it does it’s very comfortable.

The zero gravity feature is pretty good. It offers 3 prone positions, each more comfortable than the other. You will definitely find one that suits your tastes. Once you’re in the prone position, the chair elevates your legs to relieve the pressure on your vertebrae. This is a pleasant experience, and it enhances the massage programs.

Massage Techniques And Styles

The Ideal Massage chair comes with 4 predefined programs. All these programs incorporate the 4 available massage techniques, but they use different intensity and speed settings to offer different experiences.

The four massage techniques are Rolling, Shiatsu, Kneading, and Vibrators. Rolling moves the rollers up and down your back, applying pressure and stretching your muscles. Shiatsu uses the rollers to apply more pressure on your back, imitating the moves of a professional masseur. Kneading applies different pressures on your back to reduce muscle pain. A vibrator is the simplest technique, and it will induce vibration in the seat cushion.

The manual mode will allow you to choose the technique’s succession, as well as their intensity and speed.

Massage Intensity And Speed

Ideal Full Featured Shiatsu Massage ChairThis massage chair offers two intensity settings for the airbags, and three speed and intensity settings for the rollers. The vibration feature cannot be controlled, it can only be turned on and off.

Controlling the chair speed and intensity setting is easily done with the help of the remote control. The remote’s display will allow you to see what settings are currently used and the changes you make.

Special Features

Heated Massage – This massage chair offers a heated massage feature. This feature will allow your muscles to relax faster.
3D Massage – The multiple airbags create a pleasant immersive sensation when you use them.


Voltage: 120V

Frequency: 60 Hz

Power Consumption: 230W Max

Chair Dimensions: 49” x 33” x 53”

Net Weight: 200 lbs

Warranty & Service

The Ideal Massage chair comes with a 3-year warranty. The warranty covers the steel frame, the body, and the electronic parts for the whole duration of the warranty. The company offers a 10-day grace period in which you can return the item if you don’t like it. You will have to repack it in its original package and cover the shipping costs. You will also receive all your money minus a 20% restocking fee.


  • Good Price – This massage chair combines a lot of features, and it comes at a good price.
  • 30 Minute Sessions – You can program 30-minute massage sessions, making sure you will feel relaxed after every massage
  • Good Airbags – The airbags produce a good pressure against your shoulders, hips, arms, and back. Their effect is really relaxing.


  • Difficult Return Procedure – The return procedure is difficult and costly, so you should be careful when choosing this model
  • Remote Beeps Loudly – The remote produces a loud beep every time the massage session is near the end.

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