SierraComfort Soothe Series Review – Waterproof & Oil-Resistant

The Sierra Comfort Professional portable massage table is one of the best, despite its cheap price. The Comfort Professional is made out of beech hardwood and it has a 2.5” foam deck. This unit comes with many useful accessories, and it can be used to provide great massage experiences.


Sierra Comfort Professional Series Portable Massage TableOne of the advantages of using the Comfort Professional is that it has a really well-thought design. All the components fit well with each other, and the table looks neat and professional.

Another advantage is that this table is made out of beech hardwood. The beech timber offers the table an increased durability and stability without taking away its charm or adding to the table’s weight. In fact, the beech’s color compliments the upholstery, and it will actually make it look better.

A good thing about this model is that it comes with a 2.5” high-density foam deck. The foam is very comfortable, and it will also offer plenty support so your customers won’t change their position during the massage session.

Another good thing about this model is that it comes with useful accessories. The massage table comes with a half-round bolster that has an ergonomic design which will provide an additional support and increase the comfort.

Besides the bolster, the massage table also comes with an adjustable face cradle that will allow you to align each client’s head with the spine for a better massage position. Not only will this increase your clients’ comfort, but it will also enhance the health benefits of massage theraphy, especially if they’re suffering from muscle tension or muscle knots.

To increase the massage’s effect, the manufacturer also included a forward arm cradle to the table’s accessories. The cradle can be used by your clients to change the position of their arms, or you can use it to store some oils and lotions close at hand.

The massage table is easy to set up and fold. The legs are adjustable, and you can adjust their height according to your needs before each massage session. The legs’ position and height can be adjusted using the two knots available for each leg. The legs have small non-slippery feet that will help the table maintain its position even if you place it on shiny floor surfaces.

This model is easy to transport. You can use the zippered carry case to store and transport the massage table. The carry case is made out of nylon, and it has two handles and a shoulder strap you can use to distribute its weight on your arms and shoulders for an easier transport.

We liked that this model offers a good value for its cheap price. The massage table is comfortable and sturdy, it offers a good working weight, and it can be used with great results.


Table Size: 72 x 28 x 33 inches

Table Weight: 36 pounds

Max Supported Weight: 450 lbs

Materials Used: Hardwood

Cushioning Thickness: 2.5”

Warranty & Service

The Sierra Comfort Professional comes with a 5-year warranty for the frame. The warranty applies to any defect in workmanship and material you might notice on the frame in this period. The warranty does not extend to the deck or the upholstery.


  • Cheap – This massage table is cheap, which makes it perfect for home use or for people who just started training their massage skills.
  • Solid – Even though this massage table is not lightweight, the extra weight does provide some benefits. The massage table feels very solid, and it won’t move during the massages.


  • Can Squeak – Some users complain that their massage tables can produce a squeaky sound while they’re massaging a client. Others state that it doesn’t make a sound. This might be a quality issue, so you should contact the manufacturer’s customer service if it happens.
  • Flimsy Headrest – The headrest is flimsy, and it might break after only a few uses. Multiple customers complained about the headrest’s design, so it might be better if you bought another one altogether.