Master Massage Balboa Pro Package Review – Adjustable Height

The Balboa produced by Master Massage is a good portable massage table that offers you and your clients a pleasant experience. The massage table is made out of hardwood, and it comes with a small cell foam padding that’s very comfortable to sit upon.


Master Massage Balboa Pro Portable Massage Table Package 30 InchA good thing about the Balboa massage table is that it’s very easy to assemble. The table’s legs have an auto-lock feature that allows them to set up strong in only a couple of seconds. The legs come with numbered adjustment holes, so you can set them up evenly in a short time.

Another good thing is that this table comes with a leg brace stabilizer bar. Using this feature will make folding and unfolding the table easier, and it will also add strength to the table’s frame. The frame comes with duo-plane hinges in the center of the table for increased strength and stability, but this feature will also ensure you’ll have an easy time opening and closing the table.

One of the advantages of using this table is that it comes with nylon leg buffers. The buffers will keep the wood from squeaking when a client shifts position, and it will also make the table wobble-free. The fact that the table comes with non-skid foot pads is also an advantage. This will allow you to place the table on any kind of surface without worrying it might slide during the massage session.

Another advantage is that this massage table comes with a 2.5-inch small cell foam cushion. The small cell foam has a higher density than other types of foam, and it will be more comfortable to sit upon. The table’s upholstery is oil and water-resistant, and it’s very easy to clean. Besides being durable and having a low maintenance, the upholstery also makes the table look very nice.

As far as durability goes, this table uses aircraft-grade steel support cables that give it a working capacity of 650 lbs. The cables themselves are rated at 1,000 lbs, so they’re very strong. The legs are made out of hardwood, so they’re very resistant as well. Not only will the hardwood legs offer stability and durability to the table, but they also look great. Their hi-gloss finish complements the upholstery and enhances the massage table’s aspect.

The memory foam face pillow that comes with the massage table is a good accessory. The face pillow will align the client’s neck with the spine, eliminating the pressure points between the two. This will be very relaxing, and it will enhance the client’s massage experience.


Table Size: 73 x 30 x 34 inches

Table Weight: 33 pounds

Max Supported Weight: 650 lbs

Materials Used: Hardwood

Cushioning Thickness: 2.5”

Warranty & Service

The manufacturer offers a 5-year guarantee for the cushion and upholstery. If the upholstery or cushion are damaged during this period, you can contact the manufacturer and check if the guarantee applies.


  • Small Cell Foam – The massage table’s cushion is made out of small cell foam. This is an advantage because small cell foam is more comfortable than other types of foam, and because it is also more durable. Small cell foam is highly resistant to water, so it won’t get stained as easily as other materials.
  • Good Face Pillow – This massage table comes with a memory foam face pillow that’s very comfortable. The face pillow will align the client’s head and neck, and it will enhance the client’s massage experience.


  • Flimsy Headrest Attachment – The headrest can be attached on both sides of the table, but sometimes it can be tricky to attach it so it’s stable.
  • Bulky When Folded – The massage table can be pretty bulky when it’s folded, so it might be difficult to handle at times. This is a downside if you have to carry the table for a long time.