BestMassage Burgundy Premium Complete Package Review

The BestMassage Burgundy massage table is a very good product that comes at a decent price. This massage table is made out of high-quality timber and it has a 2.5” thick foam cushion. This model comes with all the accessories you need, including a carrying bag, cotton fitted sheets, and an oil pouch.


BestMassage All-Inclusive Portable Massage TableOne of the best things about this model is that it’s made out of high-quality beech wood. Not only will this timber provide a good frame for the table, but it will also make it durable while keeping its weight at an accessible level. The tension wires are coated, and along with the leg supports, they will provide an increased strength and durability.

The table’s legs are made out of the same timber as the frame, and they’re easily adjustable. You can set the height level you want between 23 – 33 inches, and that will allow you to provide excellent massages.

A great thing about this model is that it comes with a lot of accessories. The table comes with a removable facial cradle, an armrest, and adjustable arm supports. You can also use the semi-circle bolster, the towel hanger, and the oil pouch if you want.

All the accessories are adjustable or removable, so you don’t have to use them if you don’t want to. The manufacturer also included a set of cotton fitted sheets to go with the table. This is a good feature because it will allow you to start your massage business without too many other investments.

The table comes with a 2.5” high-density foam cushion that’s very comfortable to sit upon. The high-density foam feels soft, but it still manages to offer enough resistance to keep your clients steady and comfortable during the massage session. The table’s upholstery is nice to the touch, and it’s both oil-resistant and water-resistant. The upholstery has a nice and neat stitching, and it’s thick enough to last for a long time.

Another good thing about this table is that it’s easy to fold and unfold. Most people will be able to do this on their own without any problems, and once you get the hang of it, the whole process will be over pretty quickly. The legs’ height is adjustable, so you might get them wrong the first times you try to set up the table, but you will get comfortable using the system in a short time.

We liked that accessories the table comes with to make this table very user-friendly. You can set up the towel hanger, the semi-circle bolster, and the oil pouch on the edge of the table and set up all your oils and lotions close at hand when you need them.


Table Size: 74 x 33 x 28 inches

Table Weight: 38 pounds

Max Supported Weight: 350 lbs

Materials Used: Hardwood

Cushioning Thickness: 2.75”

Warranty & Service

This best selling portable massage table comes with a 5-year warranty. The manufacturer will replace or repair any defective units within this period. You will have to cover the return fee. For more information about the warranty, contact the manufacturer’s customer support service.


  • Good Bundle – This massage table offers a lot of accessories for a cheap price. All the accessories can prove useful for the user, and they might save you some extra expenses.
  • Sturdy – The massage table has a sturdy hardwood frame that will support a considerable weight. Not only that, but the table will also prove very stable during the massage sessions.


  • Sheets Have A Poor Quality – This massage table comes with a set of cotton fitted sheets. Unfortunately, the sheets have a poor quality, and they might shrink to an unusable size after the first wash.
  • Very Heavy – The massage table weighs almost 40 lbs, so it’s very heavy. Even though the extra weight makes it sturdy, it also makes it difficult to transport. In fact, the table is so heavy some people might not be able to carry it at all.