Sierra Comfort All-Inclusive Review – Semi-Circle Bolster

The Sierra Comfort All-Inclusive is one of the best portable massage tables that comes at a cheap price. This massage table is made out of beech hardwood and it comes with a high-quality foam deck. This model comes with plenty of accessories, so it might actually save you from making additional investments.


Sierra Comfort All-Inclusive Portable Massage TableOne of the first things you’ll notice about the Sierra Comfort massage table is that it has a really good build. The beech hardwood makes the table’s frame very sturdy while keeping its weight at a decent level, and the steel support cables offer it more stability and increase its durability. The table can support up to 450 lbs working weight, so it’s pretty sturdy.

The table’s deck is made out of 2.5” high-density foam. The foam cushion is very comfortable, and the upholstery covering it is soft to the touch. The upholstery is also water-resistant and oil-resistant, so it will withstand anything you have to use during a regular massage session.

A great thing about this model is that it’s very stable. The legs are adjustable, and you can increase or decrease the table’s height as needed using only 2 adjustment knots for every leg. The legs have non-slippery feet that will keep the table in place if you set it up on a shiny floor surface.

The massage table uses three hinges to fold and unfold, and they work smoothly, without any creeks. All of the table’s accessories will fit right inside the table when you fold it, so you won’t have to carry them separately in another bag.

Another good thing about this massage table is that it comes with a lot of accessories. First of all, the table comes with a semi-circular bolster you can set up under the table to store your oils and lotions within reach. You can also use a towel hanger, an arm shelf, and an oil storage pouch to make sure you have all your accessories exactly where you need them.

The massage table comes with fitted sheets for the table and disposable face sheets for the face cradle. This is a good feature, as it will allow you to start massaging your clients without making any additional investments. The fitted sheets are made out of 100% cotton, and they match the size of the deck without the face cradle.

This model comes with a nylon carry bag. The carry bag has two top handles and a shoulder bag that will help you when transporting the massage table, and it also has a side pocket that will allow you to store oils and lotions when you’re on the go. Even though the table’s weight is not negligible, the handles and the strap will distribute it to your arms and back, and you won’t find the table too difficult to carry.


Table Size: 72 x 28 x 33 inches

Table Weight: 37 pounds

Max Supported Weight: 450 lbs

Materials Used: Hardwood

Cushioning Thickness: 2.5”

Warranty & Service

This massage table comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty on the frame. If you notice any defects with the frame within this period, the manufacturer will repair or replace the table. You will have to support the return fees. The cushion and upholstery are not covered by the warranty.


  • Comes With Accessories – This massage table comes with a lot of accessories, so you can start using it right after you assemble it, without having to invest in anything else.
  • Stable – The beech hardwood frame is very stable during different massage techniques, so your customers will have a very enjoyable massage experience.


  • Carry Bag Strap Is Uncomfortable – The carry bag strap is uncomfortable and it can bite into your skin when you’re carrying the massage table.
  • Side Armrests Are Flimsy – The side armrests are pretty flimsy, and they can sometimes bend during the massages. This can be very inconvenient, both for you and for your clients.