NURSAL Deep Percussion Massager Review – 6 Interchangeable Nodes

The NURSAL handheld percussion massager is probably the best cheap model you’ll find on the market today. This massager comes with 6 interchangeable nodes to provide a customizable massage experience. The unit’s massage speed can also be adjusted, so you can create unique massage sessions every time you use the massager.

Features And Programs

NURSAL Handheld Deep Percussion MassagerOne of the best things the NURSAL massager has to offer is the fact that it comes with interchangeable nodes. This will allow you to use a different massage node on every part of your body that needs massaging, making sure that you use the right massage head to target each specific area.

A great thing about this model is that it comes with a heated massage feature. The heated massage has many benefits, and it does a great job at relaxing your muscles. Besides relaxing your muscles, this feature will also improve your relaxation and it will lower your stress levels. And the good thing is, the heated feature can be used with any attachment head you like, on any part of your body you want to use it on.

Another great thing about this handheld massager is that you can adjust the massage speed. This will allow you to customize your massage experience depending on your needs and mood. If you want to benefit from a relaxing massage, you can choose the soft hammer massage node at the slowest speed. This will make the massage node slide softly on your back, providing a soothing experience. If you want to benefit from a rough massage that will stimulate your muscles, you can use the Point Rou massage attachment at the highest speed. This will provide a deep-tissue massage that will stimulate your muscles.

The NURSAL only weighs 2.4 lbs, so it’s not difficult to handle, even by the elderly. The massager’s power cord is almost 71 inches long, so you don’t have to stand right next to a power outlet when you use this model. The unit’s design is ergonomic, so it will feel comfortable in your hand. The massager’s handle is long and covered with an anti-slip material, so you won’t drop it when you massage your back.

We liked that this model is versatile. Due to the fact that this model comes with 6 massage attachments, it’s more versatile than other handheld massager models. You can use this massager on your neck, shoulders, arms, chest, belly, thighs, and legs. The massage attachments are easy to change, and you can use another one for each part of your body. This massager can be used for both therapeutic and relaxation purposes with great results.


Weight: 2.4 lbs

Massager Size: 3.9 x 1.3 x 3.4 inches

Cordless: No

Voltage: 110 V

Massage Speed: 3600 RPM

Massage Attachments: 6

Battery Life: N/A

Warranty & Service

NURSAL Handheld Deep Percussion MassagerThe NURSAL handheld massager comes with a 1-year limited warranty. The manufacturer warranties the product against any workmanship or material defect you might notice within this period.


  • Many Attachment Heads – Having multiple massage nodes to choose from is always an advantage because you’ll be more likely to find one you’ll actually like. The fact that this model comes with 6 is an advantage, especially since 2 of them can be used with massage oils and lotions
  • Heated Massage – The heated massage feature is great for your muscles and circulation, and using it can also have a relaxing effect. This is a great feature, especially for those who suffer from muscle or joint pains.


  • Massage Can Be Strong – Some customers consider that the massage is too strong even when they use the slowest massage speed. If this is the case, try wrapping the massage head in a cloth or a towel and use it as padding.
  • Deep-Tissue Massage Could Be Better – This model is capable of producing a deep-tissue massage, but it’s not very good at it. Unlike other handheld body massagers, the deep-tissue massage produced is somewhat shallow.

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