Brookstone Max 2 Cordless Dual-Node Percussion Massager Review

The Brookstone Max 2 is one of the best-rated handheld massagers on our list. This unit has a durable aluminum body and an ergonomic design which allow you to reach the whole surface of your back. The adjustable massage speeds and changeable techniques will provide a soothing or an energizing massage when you need them the most.

Features And Programs

Brookstone Max 2 Cordless Dual-Node Percussion MassagerOne of the advantages of using the Brookstone Max 2 is that you can change both the massage speed and the massage technique. This is a very thing, as it will allow you to customize your massage experience. Whether you want to get a rough, reinvigorating massage, or a soothing relaxing one after a hard day at work, you can personalize your experience and get exactly what you want from it.

Another advantage the of using this model is its user-friendly design. This handheld massager has a durable body made out of aluminum and comes with two ergonomic handles. The handles will allow you to adjust the massager’s trajectory and location, and they will allow you to target the sore spots in your muscles with precision.

Using a percussion massager is great for your body. Not only does this type of massager do a great job at stimulating your muscles, but it will also provide a deep-tissue massage that will eliminate the tension your muscles accumulate throughout the day.

The Max 2 uses a great massage head. The head is capable of moving up and down to create a percussion massage, but it will also rock from side to side to create a more satisfying massage experience. The handles will allow you to control the massage head with precision, so you will be able to adjust the pressure you apply with ease.

We particularly enjoyed the degree of customization this handheld massager offers. You can choose from three massage programs. The Energizing is specially designed to boost your blood circulation. The Pulsing is designed to produce short blasts of percussion massage that’s meant to invigorate your muscles. The Soothing is designed to deliver a deep rolling massage that has a soothing effect on your muscles.

Each program can also produce a massage at different speeds. If you’re looking for a relaxing massage, you can combine the Soothing program with the lowest speed, and you will barely feel the massage head sliding on your back. If you want to get rid of the knots in your muscles, you can choose the Pulsing and use the highest speed setting. This will produce a rough massage that will reach deep under your muscles to remove any knots.

The massager’s lithium battery can last up to 3 hours, depending on the massage features you’re using. The battery takes about 2 hours to charge when it’s completely empty.


Weight: 3.8 lbs

Massager Size: 13 x 6 x 6.5 inches

Cordless: Yes

Voltage: 100 – 240 V

Massage Speed: 2550 RPM

Massage Attachments: 1

Battery Life: Up to 180 minutes

Warranty & Service

The Brookstone Max 2 comes with a 1-year limited warranty. The manufacturer warrants the product against all defects in materials and/or workmanship that happen within this period.


  • Good Battery Life – The Max 2 can run up to three hours on battery alone. This will allow you to use the massager for up to 2 weeks without having to recharge it if you use it for 20 – 30-minute massage sessions. You can also use the massager when it’s plugged in.
  • Great Deep-Tissue Massage – This percussion massager can really hit those deep-tissue knots, and it’s great at eliminating them.


  • Heavy – This model is rather heavy for a handheld massager. While the extra weight will allow you to put more pressure on your muscles, it might be difficult to wield by elderly customers.
  • Accidental Turn-Off – The On/Off button is the first one near the handle, and some people might end up pressing it by accident. Make sure you grip the handle with your thumb on the inside to avoid making this mistake.

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