Gideon Vibrating Percussion Massager Review – 3 Interchangeable Nodes

The Gideon handheld percussion massager is a good model that comes at a low price. This massager comes with 3 interchangeable large massage heads that will provide an enjoyable and relieving massage experience.

Features And Programs

Gideon-Handheld-Vibrating-Percussion-MassagerOne of the advantages of using the Gideon handheld massager is that it comes with 3 large massage heads. Unlike the massage heads used by other models, these ones will cover a larger surface, so they will provide a more effective massage. The three massage heads have different designs allows them to bring new things to the table. The roller massage head is specially designed to provide a deep-tissue massage that will relax your muscles. This type of massage will stimulate your muscles and make them lose some of the tension they accumulated throughout the day.

The triangle massage head is specially designed to massage the body and produce a scraper effect. This effect will remove some of your dead skin cells, leaving your skin nice and smooth. The triangle head will also stimulate the blood circulation beneath your skin. The improved blood flow will bring more nutrients and oxygen to your skin, and it will make it look better.

If you want to use the Gideon massager for relaxation purposes, you should use the wave massage head. The wave head is designed to eliminate the muscle fatigue, but it won’t provide a deep-tissue massage such as the roller head. This massage head will just stimulate your muscles and make them feel more relaxed. It has a softer touch than the other heads, and it’s very good at lowering your stress levels.

Another advantage of using this handheld massager is that it has a good design. The handle is easy to grab, the controls are easy to access, and the massager has a good reach. The massage heads are easy to change, and you can customize every massage session to your liking.

On top of that, this handheld massager comes with a very long power cord. The power cord is 7.5 feet long, so you won’t have any problems with using this massager around the house. The extra long power cord will also make the unit more versatile, as you won’t have any problems moving the massager from one part of your body to another. This feature makes the Gideon almost as portable as a battery-operated unit, without the hustle of having to recharge the massager once in a while.

And the best part is, the Gideon massager comes with 7 intensity settings, giving you the possibility to customize your massage experience. When you combine this feature with the three adjustable massage heads, you get a unit that’s not only adjustable, it’s also versatile and effective as well.


Weight: 2.4 lbs

Massager Size: N/A

Cordless: No

Voltage: 110 V

Massage Speed: 3500 PPM

Massage Attachments: 3

Battery Life: N/A

Warranty & Service

The Gideon handheld massager comes with a 1-year limited warranty. The manufacturer warranties the product against any workmanship or material defects you notice within this period.


  • Very Powerful – This is a very powerful handheld massager. If you use it on its highest speed setting, you can feel your whole body shaking and rattling. This might be beneficial for people who enjoy rough massages.
  • Large Massage Heads – The Gideon massager uses large massage heads to provide a good massage experience. Thanks to their large size, you will be able to massage large parts of your body in a short time.


  • Not Suitable For The Elderly – This is a very powerful massager, and it might not be suitable for the elderly. Even if you want to use this model at its lowest massage intensity setting, the massage is still pretty rough.
  • Difficult To Handle – Despite its relatively small size, the Gideon massager can be quite difficult to handle when you turn the massage intensity up. The massager starts to shake, so you might have a hard time pinpointing the aching spot you want to relieve.

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