Balego TENS 2nd Edition Review – Most Powerful Unit (OTC)

The Balego TENS unit is a good model that comes at a decent price. This TENS machine comes with a plastic carrying case for an increased portability, and it uses four reusable electrodes to stimulate your muscles.

Features And Programs

One of the advantages of using this TENS unit is that it provides a very powerful massage experience. Despite its relatively small size, this unit is able to produce quite a punch, so you should start using it at a low-intensity setting.


Another advantage is that this unit has a high portability. The device comes with a hard plastic carrying case for an easier transportation, and it also uses a belt clip to keep its position next to your body while you’re using it. The hard case is very useful, and it will allow you to take all the unit’s attachments and accessories with you when you leave on a business trip or on a holiday. The belt clip is very useful because it will allow you to keep the device next to your body when you use it, and you won’t have to carry the unit in a pocket or in a backpack or purse.

Balego 7000 2nd Edition TENS Unit Review (OTC)A good thing about this model is that it comes with long lead wires. This will allow you to place the electrode pads on any part of your body while you’re holding the device at waist level. This is a very important feature, as it will allow you to use the TENS unit whenever and wherever you want. Thanks to the long lead lines, you will be able to use the unit while you’re walking around the house or while you’re commuting to work.

The TENS machine runs quietly, so you won’t have any problems using it in an office environment. This can also be useful if you plan on using the device while you’re involved in other activities, such as talking to the phone or watching television.

As far as the massage experience is concerned, this model is capable of producing 5 different massage modes. Every massage mode will stimulate your muscles in a different way, so alternating them will increase the massage’s efficiency and its benefits.

The TENS unit uses a digital display to show you which are the settings you’re currently using. You can track every change you make on the display, so the device is really easy to use. The railings on the side of the device are covered with rubber, so you can hold the unit securely even if your hand is wet or sweaty.

Another good thing about this TENS machine is that it comes with a dual output design. This will allow you to use all the electrode pads at the same time. Every pair of electrodes can be placed on different parts of your body, and they can provide a very comfortable massage experience.

Balego 7000 2nd Edition TENS Unit Review (OTC)Specifications

Technology Used: TENS

Battery Type: 9V Battery

Massage Modes: 5

Output: Dual

Weight: 0.9 lbs

Pads: 4

Warranty & Service

The Balego TENS 7000 comes with a 1-year limited warranty. The manufacturer will repair or replace any unit that presents a material or workmanship defect within the first year of use.


  • Good Lead Wires – This unit comes with good lead wires. The length of the wires will allow you to use the pads on every part of your body as long as you hold the device at waist length.
  • Powerful Massage – This TENS unit is capable of providing a very powerful massage, so you should start using the unit at a low intensity and work your way to higher ones.


  • 9 Volt Battery – This unit is powered by a 9V battery. Once the battery runs out, you will have to replace it. This is a disadvantage because 9V batteries are more difficult to find than AA or AAA batteries.
  • Display Could Be Better – The unit’s display is kind of narrow, so you might have to squint to see what settings you’re using.