AccuMed Muscle Stimulator EMS Electronic Pulse Massager Review

The AccuMed AP212 is a very good TENS unit that offers a great value. Despite its low price, this TENS machine still manages to provide 16 massage modes, and it will provide a good muscle relief.

Features And Programs

One of the advantages of using this model is that it comes with a dual output design. This design will allow you to use two pairs of electrode pads at all time. Thanks to this feature, you will be able to massage two different muscle groups at the same time, so you will spend less time using the unit but still benefit from all the helpful things it offers.

Another advantage of using this TENS unit is that it comes with adjustable intensity settings. You can select a separate intensity setting for each output. There are up to twenty massage intensity levels, so using different electrode pads has never been so comfortable. Each pair of pads can massage a different part of your body, and each of them can be adjusted to suit your mood and needs.

AccuMed AP212 Portable TENS UnitA good thing about the AccuMed TENS machine is that it offers 16 massage modes. Each massage mode stimulates your muscles differently, so alternating them will bring different benefits. This is a very good feature, and it ensures you will be able to use the TENS unit for a long time without getting bored with it. You can use a different combination of massage settings every time you use the device, so you can personalize all your massage sessions individually.

Another good thing is that the device comes with a rechargeable built-in battery. This will allow you to recharge the unit every time the battery is low, so it will have low operating costs. The unit’s wall charger is made out of a plug and a USB cable, so you can either use the cable to connect to the plug or to a USB-compatible device such as a laptop or PC.

This TENS unit is small and compact, so you can carry it with ease. Thanks to its high portability, the unit can be used either at home or when you’re traveling. Due to the fact that the unit operates silently, you will even be able to use it when you’re at work or when you’re doing something else.

The device uses a timer as a safety feature. The timer will ensure the TENS machine will not run for too long when you forget to turn it off or when you fall asleep while using it. This will preserve the unit’s health, and it will also protect its battery. The timer is adjustable, and you can set each massage setting to be between 10 – 60 minutes long.


Technology Used: TENS, EMS

Battery Type: Built-in Lithium

Massage Modes: 16

Output: Dual

Weight: 0.9 lbs

Pads: 4

Warranty & Service

The AccuMed AP212 TENS unit comes with a 1-year limited warranty. The warranty states that the manufacturer will repair or replace every unit that presents a material or workmanship defect within the first year of use.


  • Long Leads – This TENS unit comes with a pair of long leads. The long leads will allow you to place the electrode pads anywhere on your body when you carry the device in a waist pocket
  • Powerful – Despite its sleek and slim appearance, this unit is capable of producing a very powerful massage. This is a very good feature, especially if you take into consideration the fact that the unit has a dual output design that splits the power between two pairs of electrodes.


  • Electrodes Lose Adherence – The electrodes will lose their adherence in time, so you will have to change them eventually. However, this is true about all the electrodes TENS units use, so it’s not a really big disadvantage.
  • No Clip Attachment – This device doesn’t come with a clip attachment, so some people might find it difficult to use when they’re wearing pants without pockets.

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