NEW Casada QUATTROMED III Review with JADE stone and Heating

The Casada Quattromed III is a great-looking massage cushion and it provides a comfortable massage. This massage cushion comes with an adapter, so you will be able to use it in your car, truck, and RV. Although it’s pretty expensive, this unit is well worth the money, and you won’t have to visit another massage parlor as long as you use it.

Features And Programs

NEW Casada QUATTROMED III with JADE stone and HeatingA great thing about this massage cushion is its design. Simple yet elegant, the design makes the massager suitable for both home and office use. You can even install it in your car or truck and still, the unit won’t seem out of place.

Another great thing about this unit is that it uses two types of massage techniques. You can choose between a rolling and a shiatsu massage, and you can even change the massage’s intensity. The massager’s seat comes with a vibration feature, so it will provide the necessary relief to your lower back and buttocks areas.

As far as the massage is concerned, most people will enjoy it very much. This massage cushion uses jade massage heads that will simulate the movements of human hands. The massage’s intensity can be adjusted, and it can go from a tough massage to a gentle caress with a simple press of a button.

One of the best features of this massage cushion is the reverse function. This function will change the direction of the massage heads, so you can experience a different massage. This is a good feature because it will allow you to change the massage experience once in a while.

The jade stone massage heads have a heating function, so you can also benefit from a heated massage. The heated massage will work wonders on your back, and it’s very efficient at working and relaxing your muscles.

You can choose between massaging your lower back, your upper back, or your entire back. To get a massage, you can either use the demo programme that will allow you to choose an automatic function, or you can choose your own massage function. The 3 predefined massage programs are designed to work your whole back, but the manual settings will allow you to choose which area you wish to massage.

The Quattromed III has an adaptor that will allow you to use it in your car, truck, or RV. Even though you’ll be able to use the massage cushion in your car, that doesn’t mean you should use it while driving.

If you’re not satisfied with the massage’s intensity and you want a tougher one, you can just lift the back section’s fabric panel and lean closer to the massage heads. This will allow you to have a deeper massage.

This massage cushion comes with a remote control. The remote control is easy to understand and use, and you can put it in the cushion’s side pocket so it will always be within reach.


Voltage: 100 – 240V

Car Adapter: Yes

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption: 42W Max

Dimensions: 72 x 42 x 8 cm

Net Weight: 7.8 kg

Warranty & Service

This product comes with a 2-year free replacement warranty when it’s purchased from reliable vendors. However, some customers complained that their warranty was not respected by some vendors, so you have to be careful to purchase the massage cushion only from reliable sources.


  • Heating Function – This massage cushion comes with a heating function. The heated massage is great for your back, and it will provide the necessary relief for your back muscles.
  • Works In Vehicles – The massage cushion comes with an adapter that will allow you to use it in vehicles. This feature will be helpful for truckers and people who drive RVs.


  • 15-minute Sessions – You should not use the massage cushion for more than 15 minutes at a time.
  • Using the cushion for longer might harm the motors, and you should allow them at least 30 minutes to rest before using them again. This can be a disadvantage for some people
  • Customer Support Problems – Some customers couldn’t contact the seller’s customer support service, so make sure you buy the massage cushion from a reliable source.

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