Fitfirst Back Car Shiatsu Rolling Kneading Vibration Review

The FITFIRST massage cushion has a nice design that will look good, whether you place it in your car or on your office chair. The massage cushion provides a good massage experience, and it will loosen your stiff shoulders and back muscles. This unit allows you to choose from three different massage techniques, so you’re bound to find one that’s perfect for you.

Features And Programs

Fitfirst Back Massage Cushion Car Seat Massager Shiatsu Rolling Kneading Vibration for Full Back and Neck with Heat FunctionOne of the best features this massage cushion has to offer is the heated massage. Unlike other models that will only provide a little warmth, this unit does a great job at warming up your muscles and making them relax. You can either lock the heated rollers on a particular achy spot, or you can allow them to run up and down your back, warming up all your muscles.

Another good feature is the neck massage. This massage cushion uses massage balls that are capable of using the shiatsu massage technique on your neck. The balls can rotate clockwise and anticlockwise, and they will penetrate your neck’s deep tissue, relieving pains and aches. The height of the balls is adjustable, and they will produce a nice and comfortable massage to users measuring from 5’2” to 6’.

What we really enjoyed about this model was the massage techniques it offered. This massage cushion can simulate the shiatsu, tapping, and rolling techniques, and you can alternate between them. You can personalize your massage experience by combining the three techniques and making your own programme. This will also allow you to diversify your massages, as you can use different combinations each day.

The massage cushion uses four rollers to massage your back. The rollers’ position is adjustable, and you can have them working on a particular area or moving up and down your back. For your lower back and hips, the massage cushion has a special vibration feature. This feature has three intensity levels that go from soothing to rough, and they can relieve the fatigue in your muscles and improve your circulation.

This model comes with a car adaptor, so you will be able to use it in your vehicle. However, using the massage cushion while you drive is not recommended.

The massage cushion’s remote control is easy to use. All the functions and features are clearly represented on the buttons. The remote can be stored in a side pocket, so you can always have it close at hand. The unit’s power cord is 9.8 feet long, so you can actually move around on your chair if you want to.

One of the good things about this massage cushion is that it uses safety features. The cushion will automatically turn off after 15 minutes, so it won’t drain your car battery if you accidentally leave it plugged in while your engine is off. This feature will also save energy if you somehow forget to turn off the cushion after you use it.


Voltage: 100 – 240V

Car Adapter: Yes

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption: 48W Max

Dimensions: 74.5 x 39 x 9 cm

Net Weight: 2.55 kg

Warranty & Service

This product comes with a 12-month warranty. The warranty applies for all quality-related issues.


  • Good Value – This massage cushion is not expensive, and it provides a great mix of features and massage techniques. This unit has a good value, and it’s well worth its money.
  • Relaxing Massage – Even though a massage session is limited to 15 minutes, you will thoroughly enjoy the massage. The combined effect of the massage techniques is very relaxing, and it really penetrates your muscles.


  • Bulky – While this is a very good massage cushion, it can be slightly bulky. This can be a problem, especially if the user is short or plans on using it in a small car.
  • Heats Up Slowly – Even though this massage cushion provides a comfortable heated massage, you will have to wait for a while until you will actually be able to feel the heat against your back.

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