MARNUR Massager Review – with Vibration Massage

The Marnur Scalp Massager is an exceptional product because it is not just a simple massager. The package includes three attachments for various purposes.


This highly efficient product can give your three kinds of sensations in just one product. There are three types of attachments which come with the package: a hairbrush scalp massager, a full-body massager, and an exfoliating loofah pad. You can choose from these three according to your needs at certain moments.


MARNUR Scalp MassagerFirst, we will start with the essential scalp massager. Such brushes usually improve the levels of blood circulation in your head. Thus, they stimulate hair growth and can help cure dandruff and itchiness conditions. However, this unit does even more than that. Since it is an electric device, the vibrations increase the speed of metabolism. Therefore, the effects of the massage are more evident. If you add shampoo, the scalp brush will clean any product buildup and dirt without a trace. The bristles can reach every part of your head.

Next comes the full-body massager. This pad includes nodes to rejuvenate the skin anywhere on your body. Note that the massager can only operate through vibrations and not through specific massaging moves that mimic the movements. This massager might not be suitable for you if you are looking for a more advanced massaging experience.

Last, but not least, we have the loofah pad. Its purpose is to remove all the dirt from the body during your showers. It will gently exfoliate your skin, and it will leave a soft feeling.

The bristles of the scalp massager are firm enough to provide solidity. That does not mean that they are not flexible. They can bend if you apply a certain degree of pressure with your palm. Make sure, however, that you do not push too much as the massage could become too painful for your head. Experiment with the brush and find out what works best for you.

A couple of AA batteries take care of providing the unit with power. Nevertheless, this product is water-resistant. Make sure you take the batteries out if you are using it in the shower. Without them, the massager can function just as well when you are in the bathroom.

As soon as you start using the product, you will find how comfortable it is. The small and compact size provides you with enough options for storage. Materials are light enough for you to lift it above your head in the shower. The ergonomically curved handle ensures a firm grip. As the whole brush fits well in your palm, it will be difficult for it to slip away.

All in all, this high-quality multifunctional scalp massager will adapt to your needs. You have full control over each feature. The brush itself will not disappoint you.


  • Multifunctional – The product comes with three attachments for various functions. You can massage every part of your body with a pad covered in round nodes. The loofah pad scratches all the dirt from your body. Last, but not least, the scalp massage pad improves the blood circulation of your head and stimulates hair growth.
  • Waterproof – This massager can function while you are in the shower. The batteries are protected from water leakage, and the outer shell is fully waterproof.


  • Vibration only – The massaging function of this item is motivated solely by vibrations unlike that of other massagers where there are specific attachments for massaging purposes.