OSITO Foot Health Machine Review – Electronic Pulse Therapy

This is a product that, compared to the regular foot massagers works in a little bit more unconventional way. Here there are a few components worth mentioning, and we will do just that.

Features and Programs

OSITO Foot Health MachineThe most important aspect to cover here is the fact that you will not feel any vibrations as you would expect from any other foot massager. The point of this unit is to:

  • Improve blood circulation
  • Relieve leg/foot pain
  • Reduce muscle weakness

This is achieved by the 2 stimulation programs that this unit features. The first one is foot stimulator, and the second one is the TENS body massager. The EMS function is easy to use as all you have to do plug in the machine, set both of your feet on the pad and set the intensity level.

This feature will not yield any vibrations or sounds. People have no way of knowing whether the product is actually working, but the effects are going to be felt. Most other massagers will make a sound or, in any way, make you feel their presence. Not this one – but don’t be skeptical. The EMS stimulation will improve the blood flow in your feet and legs and will relieve pain.

The TENS body massager is an excellent addition to the product because it allows you to focus on other parts of your body. The 4 electrode TENS pads come with 72-inch long cords ad they can be applied to any joint or muscle of your body. What we loved the most is that both main functions can be used at the same time.

Consider replacing the pads only if they aren’t sticky anymore or if you see that they are filthy.

There are a few restrictions and limitations to the unit, and you have to make sure to follow them carefully.

  1. You must not use the product if you are pregnant.
  2. You must not use the product if you have any metal in your body or a pacemaker. The magnetic field that is created by the unit can be dangerous in such cases.
  3. In case you have Deep Vein Thrombosis, you should not use the unit too.

Some of the additional features that make this OSITO foot health machine stand out are the colorful LCD screen as well as the abundance of settings and levels that you have at your disposal.

For instance, you get to select between 25 massage modes, and the intensity level can be set to anywhere between 0 and 99. The manufacturer recommends that the unit is used twice a day at most. The length of the sessions also matters, so the product will automatically shut off after 25 min of uninterrupted use.

The fact that there is no motion involved can be a downer to some people, so if you are looking for a shiatsu massage, you ought to check out some of our other top-notch massager reviews and guides. Even without you feeling it, the health machine will help with neuropathy and cramps.

Another significant advantage is that the footpads on the body of the unit do not have a foot size limit. Even if you wear a 14-foot size, the machine will fit you. The remote control is just there to make it even more comfortable for you.


Application: Feet, joints, muscles

Voltage: 100-240V

Unit weight: 4.5 lb

Method of stimulation: electromagnetic stimulation

Warranty and Service

The warranty on the product is 2 years. However, you have a free 30-day trial period during which you can return the unit to its seller. Instructions on how to use the health machine are included in the package, but the manufacturer can also be contacted for information.


  • An unconventional way of improving your health – the electromagnetic stimulation is a proven way to relieve your leg pain without the need for vibrations or other types of motion
  • Works not only on feet – thanks to the TENS pads, but you can also stimulate any other part of your body
  • Easy to maintain – there is no motor in there, so you only have to worry about keeping the body of the unit and the TENS pads clean.
  • Comes with a remote control


  • You cannot use this machine whenever you wish during the day – the recommended use of this device is 2 times a day (25 minutes each)
  • There are some restrictions on who can use the product – if you are pregnant, have certain cardiovascular conditions or metal inside your body, you cannot use the product