Best Massagers for Your Hands – ( Therapy for Arthritis 2019 )

According to traditional medicine in China, it is believed that our hands have reflexology points. When you massage them, they help your whole body relax and bring back your balance. On the contrary, if you don’t take good care of your hands, they can be prone to injuries.

Following this line of thought, you should already be thinking of looking for the best massagers for hands. You will find an impressive range of such products online. To help you with this process, we have compiled a list with the top reviews on massage machines for hands. Read them in detail to make the right choice.

LX3 Lunix Hand Massager for Arthritis and Hand Pain Relief

LX3 Lunix Hand Massager

  • Price: $$$$
  • Battery: 1 Lithium-ion battery
  • Massage Level: 6
  • Technology: Shiatsu technology
  • Pros: Decreases arthritis pain and helps to recover from carpal tunnel surgery
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Breo Electric Hand Massage

Breo Electric Hand Massage

  • Price: $$$
  • Battery: 4 AA battery
  • Massage Level: 4
  • Technology: Heat Compression technology
  • Pros: Has a special valve – Efficient in reducing pain
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Lunix Cordless Electric Hand Massager

Lunix Cordless Electric Hand Massager

  • Price: $$$$
  • Battery: 1 Lithium-ion battery
  • Massage Level: 6
  • Technology: Shiatsu technology
  • Pros: Decreases arthritis pain and helps to recover from carpal tunnel surgery
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Gaiam Restore Hand Therapy Massager

Gaiam Restore Hand Therapy Massager

  • Price: $
  • Battery: No battery
  • Massage Level: 2
  • Technology: Individual finger massager
  • Pros: Improves blood circulation – Reduces any pains
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HandSonic Hand Massager

HandSonic Hand Massager

  • Price: $$$
  • Battery: 1 Lithium Polymer battery
  • Massage Level: 3
  • Technology: 3D bionic technology
  • Pros: Focuses on all 36 reflective areas – Has a heating option
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Best Massagers for Hands – ( Editors’ Choice )

In this part of the article, we are going to show you the nine top hand massagers. Please, note that they are not presented in any specific order.

1. LX3 Lunix Hand Massager

LX3 Lunix Hand Massager for Arthritis and Hand Pain ReliefThe LX3 Lunix Hand Massager is the perfect electric massager to relieve the pain from arthritis and carpal tunnel, to get rid of finger numbness or joint soreness, improve blood circulation and relax your hand muscles after a long day of work.

The LX3 heated pressure point therapy massager is 100% adjustable and provides a full massage of the hand. The 6 programs and 6 intensities of massage combine compression, heat, and vibration to knead the wrist, fingers, and palm simultaneously. This product will provide you with some adequate massage techniques thanks to its proprietary design. The basics of acupuncture are entrenched in the way the massager works and will give you a very professional feel.

To sum up, Lunix leads the way in the healthcare niche with their LX3 hand massager, and we think this is among the best hand massagers on the market which provides real health benefits.

Read more: LX3 Lunix Hand Massager


2. Breo Electric Hand Massage

Breo Electric Hand MassageThe Breo Massager impressed us because of its design. It looks like a chamber inside which you place your hand. The device works with the help of air pressure that inflates and deflates to help you get rid of any pain in the hand. This massager features a reduction valve thanks to which you can adjust the device if you think it is very tight.

A benefit of this product is that it stimulates the nerves of the hand and helps your blood circulation. After using the Breo Massager, your hand becomes more tender and soft. The product comes with disposable skin gloves, which keep the machine clean and protect your hands.

Another useful feature of the massager is that it produces heat, which makes your skin warm and moist. If you consider buying this product, you should be informed that it is intended to massage your palm and fingers, but not the wrist.


  • The massager features a unique design.
  • It works with the help of air pressure.
  • You can adjust the power of the massage through a special valve.
  • It is very efficient in reducing pain and making your hands more beautiful.


  • It takes some time for the massager to start functioning after you press the start button.
  • It massages the palm and fingers, but not the wrist.

3. Lunix Cordless Electric Hand Massager

Lunix Cordless Electric Hand MassagerThe Lunix Massager is one of the top sellers on the market because it is adjustable to the needs of the person using it. It won’t cause any unnecessary pain when being used. This massager for palms and fingers produces heat, which makes it even more efficient.

This product features shiatsu technology and sleek design. It is a good deal because it comes with a lifetime warranty. Moreover, if you are not happy with the massager, you can return it in 90 days, and you will get a full refund.

Thanks to the proportions of the unit, it can accommodate above average-sized hands. You can also fit your whole wrist in there for maximum coverage over your hand. On the downside, the battery isn’t replaceable.


  • It decreases arthritis pain and helps people to recover from carpal tunnel surgery.
  • Purchasing a massager, you help children in need by providing them food.
  • It features six levels of massage.
  • It doesn’t cause extra pain.


  • The massager works only in a battery mode. So you have to charge it first, then unplug it
  • The rechargeable battery cannot be replaced.

4. Gaiam Restore Hand Therapy Massager

Gaiam Restore Hand Therapy MassagerThe Gaiam Massager has several features that make it unique – a hand massager, an individual finger massager, and an exercise guide. The tool has a side A, and a side B. Side A has two rollers that massage individual fingers. The rollers stimulate blood circulation and also fight the stiffness of the fingers.

Side B has only one roller which focuses on specific areas of the hand and fingers. This roller eases the pressure. The design of the Gaiam Massager allows you to hold it easily as it doesn’t slip. This tool is intended to reduce arthritis and joint pain.

The product comes with an exercise guide, which includes videos of how to use the tool efficiently. You can use this device for therapy after a broken wrist. Using it regularly will strengthen your hands. If you have decided to purchase this massager, don’t worry if the rollers seem a bit sticky at the beginning as this will change soon after.


  • The product features a hand massager and an individual finger massager.
  • It strengthens the hand.
  • The tool reduces any pains in the hand or fingers.
  • It improves blood circulation.
  • The tool comes at a very low price.


  • The rollers seem to be small and not easy to grasp.
  • The rollers are sticky at the beginning.

5. HandSonic Hand Massager

HandSonic Hand MassagerThe HandSonic Massager is highly advanced in terms of technology. If you want to feel like you have your own hand masseur, then this is the device for you. The tool features 3D air pressure and has a programmed microchip. The air pressure massages all the reflective areas of the hand. By doing so, the pressure takes care of your whole body as these areas are connected to different organs.

This massager is very effective at decreasing fatigue and pain as it helps the blood to circulate better. The machine has rechargeable batteries that are built-in. You don’t need to buy batteries all the time.  You can use it for four hours only with one charge.

It features a heating function that you can adjust according to your needs. The machine has a sleek design; it is comparatively small; it weighs around 2,5 pounds.  If you want to have this massager, have in mind that it shouldn’t be used as a medical device.


  • This massager works with the help of 3D bionic technology.
  • It is intended to help your whole body relax as it focuses on all 36 reflective areas of the hand.
  • It has rechargeable batteries, so you will save money from buying batteries all the time.
  • It has a heating option which you can control.


  • This massager costs a bit more than the average price.
  • The hand sleeve is not washable. So if you want to keep the device clean, you can use disposable gloves.

Roleo Hand Massager

Roleo Hand Massager

  • Price: $$
  • Battery: No battery
  • Massage Level: 2
  • Technology: Multiple Massage Functions
  • Pros: Release arthritis pain – Carpal tunnel relief
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Breo WOWOS Hand Massager

Breo WOWOS Hand Massager

  • Price : $$$$$
  • Battery: 1 Lithium-ion battery
  • Massage Level: 3
  • Technology: Intelligent (air pressure) technology
  • Pros: Relieves arthritis or joint pain – Five independent airbags
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iVOLCONN Hand Massager

iVOLCONN Hand Massager

  • Price: $$$
  • Battery: 1 Lithium-ion battery
  • Massage Level: 3
  • Technology: Cordless technology
  • Pros: Massages all areas of your hand – Eliminate finger numbness, and it relieves joint pains
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HoMove Hand Roller Massager

HoMove Hand Roller Massager

  • Price: $$$$
  • Battery: No battery
  • Massage Level: 3
  • Technology: Warm compress massage technology
  • Pros: Has heat option – Increases blood circulation
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Daiwa Felicity Hand Massager

Daiwa Felicity Hand Massager

  • Price: $$$
  • Battery: 1 Lithium-ion battery
  • Massage Level: 3
  • Technology: Cordless technology
  • Pros: Relief for arthritis, joint pain or carpal tunnel syndrome
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6. Roleo Hand Massager

Roleo Hand MassagerThe Roleo Massager is a great choice because of its multiple functions. It can be used to release arthritis pain, or for carpal tunnel relief. It is a hand and wrist massager, and it can be used as a hand, a forearm, fingers, a wrist, or an arm massager.

Using this tool, you can say ‘Goodbye’ to chronic pain in the wrist or hand. You should only use it regularly. This way, you will save the money that you would otherwise give to masseurs.

The tool comes with individual suction cups, which hold it in one place. Since the massager won’t move, you can use it with one hand without having to strain your other hand. You can control the pressure and adjust it to your own needs and your arm size.


  • The tool works well on people with thin arms.
  • It is effective at releasing arthritis pain.
  • It brings carpal tunnel relief.
  • It can be used to massage different parts of your body – arms, forearms, fingers, wrists, and hands.


  • Some users complain of the material the product is made of. They say that it is some cheap plastic.
  • The device is too small for people with larger arms.

7. Breo WOWOS Hand Massager

Breo WOWOS Hand MassagerThe luxurious design of the Breo Massager will surely catch your attention. This device is made of durable materials like aluminum alloy and leather. The tool consists of five airbags, which work on your left palm, right palm, middle palm, fingers, and nails.

You can use this massager even while sleeping as it is safe. Breo has a unique app that you can use to customize your WOWO massager. The device works at five massage modes and three levels of strength.

The air compression of the product relieves arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and joint pain. The product comes with an 18-month warranty. If you see yourself as the owner of this tool, just have in mind that it doesn’t massage the wrist.


  • The massager is beneficial when it comes to relieving arthritis or joint pain.
  • It features a luxurious design.
  • You can personalize it thanks to the Breo app.
  • Five independent airbags focus on different areas of your hand.


  • This device doesn’t massage the wrist.
  • The size of the inside part of the massager appears to be small, so it is not advisable for people with wide hands.

8. iVOLCONN Hand Massager

iVOLCONN Hand MassagerThe iVOLCONN Hand Tool massages your whole hand – palm, wrist, and all fingers. It works due to acupressure. Pressing all the acupoints of your fingers and hand leads to relaxation. The device stretches your nerves by squeezing your hand tightly and producing gradual warming.

If you suffer from finger arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome, this massager will definitely help you feel better. It also helps with finger numbness and stiffness and sore wrists or hands as it improves the circulation of the blood.

You can choose any of the three levels of air compression to adjust it to your own needs. The three modes work on different areas of your hand. The Refresh mode massages your wrist and the top part of your hand. The Recover function focuses only on the top part of your hand.  The Relax mode focuses on the wrist and the bottom of your hand.

The product comes with a 24-month warranty. If you are not satisfied with it, you can return it and be fully refunded. If you don’t need the heat option, you can turn it off. There is a special emergency valve, which you can use to turn the massager off if the air pressure is too intense.


  • It massages all areas of your hand.
  • It is very effective at eliminating finger numbness, and it relieves joint pains.
  • It features three modes that focus on different parts of your hand.
  • It features an on-and-off heat option.


  • The air pressure is too firm, especially for women with small hands.
  • The device doesn’t cover your whole hand, and you need to adjust it.

9. HoMove Hand Roller Massager

HoMove Hand Roller MassagerIf you want to experience a budget-friendly professional massage daily, the HoMove Massager is the right choice for you. This device is very effective at imitating reflexology as it combines air pressure, roller, and warm compress technology.

This tool provides 360-degree comprehensive massaging. It features five airbag groups, and it also has three sets of valves. There is a heat option inside the device, which you can turn on if you want your hands to relax and experience some excellent massage. The warmth helps your blood circulate better and relieves any stiffness, fatigue, or soreness of your hands.

Note that only two rollers can function at the same time. If three of them spin simultaneously, this will lead to the destruction of the motor for around four months of usage. You should be aware that this massager is not cordless.  You need to keep it plugged in all the time while you are using it.


  • The massager is easy to use.
  • It features an on-and-off heat option.
  • The device increases blood circulation.
  • It massages at 360 degrees.


  • You have to use this massager while it is plugged in, which means you cannot experience its relaxing massage wherever you want.
  • It massages all fingers, but the thumbs.

10. Daiwa Felicity Hand Massager

Daiwa Felicity Hand MassagerThe Diawa Massager is ideal for you if you want to use it wherever you wish, as it is cordless and has a compact portable design. It features two airbags that relieve any pain in the area of your hand by pressing your palm, fingers, and wrist.

There is also a heat option which can add to the pain relief. This tool has three automatically programmed massages and works at three levels of strength. The inside of the device is large enough for you to move your hand freely while adjusting it. The massager is not noisy at all, so it won’t bother the people around you while you are using it.

Please, note that it is not recommendable to use this massager if you have arthritis or very sensitive hands as the pressure might be too strong for you. If you expect this massager to reduce any swelling of your hands, it won’t help you.


  • This massager is cordless and compact, and you can carry it with you and use it whenever you like.
  • It operates quietly.
  • The inside part of the device is large enough, even for wider hands.
  • Its two airbags relieve the pain of the hand, wrist, or fingers.


  • It is not advisable to use this massager if you have arthritis or if you have swelling hands.
  • It might be too painful for sensitive hands.

Who Needs a Hand Massager for Arthritis?

People who have arthritis should definitely have a massager for hand pain, which to use regularly to relieve the aches of their hands. It is not a secret that arthritis can be very painful and unbearable. The strength of people who have arthritis is 75 percent less than the one of people who don’t have it. This fact makes even simple actions like holding light objects impossible.

Most of the massagers available on the market not only relieve hand pain but also increase the strength of muscles, which makes them a priceless possession for people who have arthritis.

It is scientifically proven that daily massages help people who have arthritis and improves their condition a lot. After several weeks of using hand therapy massagers, they experience less pain and have more strength in their muscles.

After using massagers for around four weeks, people who have arthritis do not feel that much depression or anxiety and have a calmer sleep at the end of the day. All these results make the possession of hand massagers worth it.

Before we continue, be sure to make a difference between hand massagers and handheld massagers. The second group represents a different type of units and we have outlined them very well in our handheld massager buying guide and reviews. Check them out.

How to Give Yourself a Hand Massage

Best Massagers for HandsTo know which is the most appropriate massager for you, you need to know how to give yourself a hand massage. All hand massagers mimic the self hand massaging techniques. So by reading the following tips for a good massage, you will know what features to look for when choosing your massage tool.

  1. The first thing to do before you massage your hands is to prepare them. You can do this by taking off all jewelry, bracelets, or watches that are on your wrists or fingers. You don’t want anything to hinder the relaxing feeling you will get from the massage.
  2. The next thing you should do when you give yourself a hand massage is to put some lotion on your hands. This trick will allow your fingers to move more easily across your skin. However, you’d better skip the lotion step when you prepare for a massage done by a special tool or device. When you rely on a hand massager, you do not need any lotion.
  3. Shake off your hands. Flex your hands so that they stretch, bend your wrists, and wiggle your fingers.
  4. Then pinch all the fingers of both of your hands. First, pinch the top and the bottom part of your fingers, then pinch them again but from one side to another.
  5. While you massage your hands, your breathing is of crucial importance. Breathe in letting the air go through your nose and out, allowing air to go through your mouth. You should start breathing like this before the massage, and you should also continue doing so after the massage is over.
  6. Hold out one of your hands, palms facing up, and fingers – straight. Relax this hand in the wrap of the other one. Let the thumb do most of the massage.
  7. Start by moving the thumb across the edges of the palm, then move your thumb up and down, afterward – from the inside to the outside of the palm. Start by some little pressure, and then gradually increase it.
  8. Then find the space between the bones of the fingers on your palm and rub them with short strokes.
  9. Continue with the fingers. Press the fingers up and down and then from one side to the other.
  10. Make your hand face down and rub the area between your thumb and your index finger.
  11. When you are ready with the first hand, change hands. But before this, shake out the hand that was working and wiggle its fingers.

Joint pain something you should never overlook and this is why we recommend you take a look at our guide to getting the top shoulder massager units too. Making sure your hands and shoulders are in good shape will have a positive effect over your whole body.

The Benefits of Using a Massager for Your Hands

If you are still wondering whether you need a hand massager or not, we are here to help you. To do so, we have made a list of the benefits of a hand massager. Read it to decide if you really need one.

  • Hand massagers reduce pains drastically. If you do repetitive activities throughout the day, even if they are simple ones like typing, you will surely feel hand pain at the end of the day. Having a hand massager can help you to fight the pain. It is much healthier than taking medicines to eliminate discomfort. If you take medications, they will just deal with the symptoms, but the massager will focus on the muscle helping it to relax.
  • Hand massagers also reduce stress. Nowadays, life is so dynamic that almost everyone is exposed to anxiety. Too much stress can release cortisol, which creates body fat.

Most of the hand massage tools use the reflexology technique. They focus on specific points in the hand, which are related to other organs. So by massaging them, they help the whole body relax and fight back stress.

  • If you have a hand massager, this will increase the chances of you exercising every day. Owning a massager is very convenient, and you won’t have any excuses, such as not having time to go to the masseur. If you massage your hands regularly, your muscles will become more flexible and loose. This fact will reduce the chances of your hands getting numb or stiff.
  • We have already mentioned that hand massagers are convenient. You can take them with you wherever you go because they are portable. You can use them at home while watching TV or before going to sleep, in your office while preparing for an important meeting, and also in public transport while commuting to and from work. Their small sizes allow you to pack them in your suitcase and take them with you when you go on vacation.

Similar to any product on the market, electric massages also have their advantages and disadvantages.

Important Tips to Use a Massager Properly

To enjoy the benefits of having a hand massager, you need to know how to treat it. Having the desire to help you, we have written some important tips to use a massager in a durable way. If you follow them, you will prolong its life and thus enjoy the massaging therapy for a longer time.

The different types of hand massagers require different ways to take care of them. In the following list, we have chosen the most useful ones. Remember that the longer you are able to use your hand massager, the better the chances of returning your investment are.

  1. The first thing you should do when you purchase a hand massager is to read the manual. Then if you want to make sure that your massager lasts for a long time, follow the instructions written in the manual. Typically it is not difficult to use a hand massager. Just follow the simple steps for usage.
  2. If you use a roller hand massager, apply it directly to your skin. It is not advisable to wear any gloves while being massaged. Thus you will enjoy a deep massage that will improve the endurance of your muscles.
  3. Respect the massaging time suggested in the manual. You shouldn’t massage your hands for a longer time than written in the instructions. Otherwise, you may run the risk of over massaging a sore muscle. If you use a hand massager for a longer time than suggested, you will reduce the lifespan of the tool.
  4. It is advisable to use only one massager at a time. Some people try to ‘save’ time by using several massagers at a time. However, you cannot apply the same pressure on both of your hands with the different massagers, which will result in using too much pressure on one of your hands and not enough pressure on the other one. So both massages will be inefficient.
  5. Be very careful if your hand massager is an electric one. Keep in mind that your safety comes first. Keep the device away from water. If there are even some small drops of water on it, turn it off and make sure you dry it thoroughly before you turn it on again.
  6. Another risk when using an electric massager is the occurrence of a short circuit. If this happens, you may be under the risk of an electric shock, and the whole tool may be damaged.
  7. Bear in mind that each electric massager has a suggested power rating on it. Make sure that you plug the tool in the correct outlet. If you plug it in the wrong outlet, then the massaging device may overheat.
  8. Remember to switch the massager off after you are done with it. You may find it common sense, but some people become forgetful when they feel better after the massage.

We hope that these tips on using the hand massager will help you benefit from it.

Massagers for Hands vs Professional Manual Massages

Massagers for Hand ReviewsWith the advance of technology, one may wonder if machines have excelled people to such an extent that some professions will become extinct. Let’s say one of the masseurs. In this part of the article, we will compare the massagers for hands and the manual massages to see if we still need professional massages.

  • Effectiveness – The effectiveness of the manual massage depends on the type of massage. The aim of some manual massages is the only relaxation. Others are intended to focus more in-depth on a particular issue. The productivity of the manual massage also depends on the person who makes the massage. There are some very skillful professionals, but there are also others who may injure you.

In this category, hand massagers beat manual massages because devices don’t have the human factor. Your hand massager will always apply the pressure that you prefer. However, you need to choose your massager wisely. Some tools are not very useful. Research well before you make your choice.

  • Relaxation – Hand massaging machines mat be very relaxing and soothing, but they cannot compare to a good masseur. Here the personal human touch prevails.
  • Penetration – Hand massagers can reach much deeper penetration than manual massages. To go deeper, a masseur has to apply a lot of pressure, which may be very painful. The pain makes the muscles tighten up, which is precisely the opposite of the effect we want to achieve. Whereas with mechanical hand massagers, you can adjust the pressure according to your needs, so they won’t cause you pain, or if they do, you can always change the mode.

A full hand massager can penetrate deeper and work at a larger area than a manual masseur. For less than ten minutes, the mechanical devices can achieve the effect of a one –hour manual massage. Moreover, this will happen without any pain.

  • Operation – We have to admit that machines cannot compare to the human brain yet. A masseur’s hands are connected to their brain. So they can examine the tissues of the hand and evaluate how problematic a particular area is.

Machines don’t have brains, so they have to be guided by people. If the people operating with the device are not competent enough and do not follow the instructions of the manual, this may lead to an inefficient massage.

So the ideal case would be if you have a professional masseur evaluating your tissues and helping you to choose the most suitable hand massager for you. It is also a good idea to ask them to show you how to use the device safely and efficiently.

  • Budget-friendly – if we consider cost, then machine massagers have an advantage over masseurs. You indeed need to invest some money at the beginning to buy the product, but it is worth it. Most of the hand massagers available on the market have the same price as you would be charged for a one-hour massage.

You also may need to pay someone to show you how to use your hand massager. Afterward, you can use it every day without paying for anything else but batteries. If your massaging device has a cord, then you won’t even need to buy batteries. Don’t worry! The hand massager won’t increase a lot your electricity bill.

In terms of manual massages, we all know how expensive they are. It is, namely, their cost that makes people prefer not to have professional massages.

  • Convenience – of course, here the winner is again the machine massaging device. You can use it whenever you want. If it is a cordless one, you can even take it with you wherever you go. On the contrary, before you visit a professional masseur, you have to make an appointment and also commute, which is a waste of time.

To sum it up, for most of the criteria mentioned above, hand massagers have an advantage over manual masseurs. Using a hand massager is cheaper, more convenient, and in most cases, more effective than paying a professional masseur.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the heat option of the hand massager essential?

Heat therapy brings first of all relaxation. Then after your hands are relaxed, the warmth can lead to a reduction of your pain. Thanks to the heat option, the massager increases the circulation of your blood, which makes your muscles flexible again.

Are hand massagers portable?

The portability of massagers depends on two factors – the first one is the size of the device, and the next one is the existence of a cord.  If the tool is small, it is likely to be portable. However, you also need to make sure that it is cordless if you want to carry it with you wherever you want.

There are three levels of portability. If a massager is wireless, it has high portability. Some devices have medium portability as they do have cords but they are very long. The low portability tools are the ones with very short cables.

Can hand massagers be applied to other parts of our body?

The immediate answer to this question would be ‘no.’ However, it depends on the type of massager. If it is an electric device in which you have to put your hand, then you cannot use it on other parts of your body. If it is a roller massager, you may try it on different body parts, but the massage won’t be that effective.

If you want to get massagers for other parts of your body, read our reviews and guides on home massagers for the whole body. You can make different combinations of massagers that will ensure that each part of your body is relaxed. Just visit our website to choose from the top massagers and make your body the gift it deserves.

Do I need to take off my rings before using a hand massager?

Yes, you do. You have to remove every jewelry item, watch or bracelet before your hands are massaged. Thus the massager will reach every part of your hand and will apply the necessary pressure. Also, removing the jewelry, you avoid any risks of injuries.

Can a massager for hands help me if I have arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome?

This answer depends on the type of massager that you will get. Most of the hand massagers are intended to help people who have arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. These products reduce the pain and support the people using them feel much better.

However, other devices are not advisable to be used by people who have arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. That’s why we suggest you read our reviews first. They will shed some more light on which are the most appropriate tools for you.

Which ones are better wireless hand massagers or electrical ones?

Both of cordless devices and the ones with a cord are effective. You need to coordinate the purchase of one of the two types with your needs. If you use the massager mainly at home, then you should take the one with a cord. This way you won’t need to buy batteries all the time.

If you want to take the device with you at work or when you go on vacation, then the cordless one if the better option for you. So before you get a hand massager, first you need to decide why you need it and how you will use it.

Is it normal the hand massager to make you feel pain?

It depends on what you consider as pain. If you just feel some pressure as it tightens your hands, wrists, and fingers, this is normal. If it hurts a lot and after the massage, your hands are even more painful than before it, this is not okay.

You can try using the same massager but change the mode so that the pressure is not that much. If this doesn’t help, then you need to change the massager. Most of the massaging devices offer trial periods so that you can replace them. Again we have concluded that you need to research very thoroughly before you purchase a hand massager.

Best Massagers for Hands Comparison Chart

Lunix Cordless Electric Hand Massager

$$$$1 Lithium-ion battery6Shiatsu technologyDecreases arthritis pain and helps to recover from carpal tunnel surgery
Breo Electric Hand Massage

$$$4 AA battery4Heat Compression technologyHas a special valve – Efficient in reducing pain
Gaiam Restore Hand Therapy Massager

$No battery2Individual finger massagerImproves blood circulation – Reduces any pains
HandSonic Hand Massager

$$$1 Lithium Polymer battery33D bionic technologyFocuses on all 36 reflective areas – Has a heating option
Roleo Hand Massager

$$No battery2Multiple Massage FunctionsRelease arthritis pain – Carpal tunnel relief
Breo WOWOS Hand Massager

$$$$$1 Lithium-ion battery3Intelligent (air pressure) technologyRelieves arthritis or joint pain – Five independent airbags
iVOLCONN Hand Massager

$$$1 Lithium-ion battery3Cordless technologyMassages all areas of your hand – Eliminate finger numbness, and it relieves joint pains
HoMove Hand Roller Massager

$$$$No battery3Warm compress massage technologyHas heat option – Increases blood circulation
Daiwa Felicity Hand Massager

$$$1 Lithium-ion battery3Cordless technologyRelief forarthritis, joint pain or carpal tunnel syndrome

Wrap Up

A hand massager is a valuable asset when it comes to relaxation and pain relief. It is also very convenient as it saves you the difficulties of arranging an appointment with the massage therapist. Whenever you want to relax, or you need to eliminate any joint pains in your hand, you have the massager ready for you.

You have probably already been convinced of the benefits of using a hand massager, and you want to have your own. However, finding the best massagers for hands may require a lot of time to read opinions and guides.

We hope that our reviews on massagers for hands managed to help you decide what you need and which is the most appropriate device for you. If you want to enjoy whole body massages, read our other guides about home massagers available on our website. You can have a combination of different massaging tools that will help your body fully relax and get rid of any pain.

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