Naipo & Breo Massager Review – Replaceable Facial Cleaning Brush

The Naipo head massager is a good model that comes at a decent price. This handheld massager uses 4 massage attachments and 4 brushes to provide a relaxing scalp massage experience and to scrub your skin.

Features And Programs

One of the things you’ll notice when using the Naipo head massager is that it comes with high-quality massage attachments. Each of the 4 attachments this unit uses at any given time is made out of 7 massage nodes. A massage node ends in 4 spots, so every time you use the massager, your muscles will be massaged by 28 individual nodes. Not only will this offer a pleasant and relaxing massage experience, but it will also provide a very effective one.

The good thing about the massage heads is that they’re highly adjustable. Each massage head can provide a 360-degree massage, and you can change the massage heads’ direction as you will. If you want, you can point all the massage heads in a single direction and focus them on a muscle or a group of muscles. This is a very efficient way to get rid of muscle knots and relieve some of the tension your muscles accumulate during the day.

Another good thing about this model is that it also comes with scrubbing brushes. Using these brushes will help exfoliate your dead skin cells, and they will also stimulate your superficial blood circulation. Thanks to the increased blood flow, your skin will receive more oxygen and more nutrients, so it will produce more collagen. This can lead to a better-looking skin that is also tighter, reducing the number of visible wrinkles.

This handheld head massager is highly portable, so you will be able to use it while you’re moving around the house, or while you’re on your commute. Thanks to its silent operation, you can also use the massager when you’re working. The unit produces a soft humming sound that will most likely go unnoticed in a normal office environment.

Another advantage of using this model is that it’s waterproof. This will allow you to use the massager while you’re showering, or right after you wash your face, without having to wipe it dry. This can be a very good advantage if you want to scrub your face, as the dead skin cells will be easier to remove when your face is wet. Using the massager when your scalp is wet can also be an advantage, and you will be able to stimulate and relax your head muscles to a higher degree when they’re warm and stretched.


Massager Type: Handheld

Weight: 0.68 lbs

Massager Size: 3.6 x 3.6 x 4.8 inches

Cordless: Yes

Voltage: Battery Operated

Massage Programs: 2

Warranty & Service

Naipo & Breo Scalp Massager Portable Head Massage with Replaceable Facial Cleaning Brush for Head Muscle Relax and Facial Cleaning This product comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. You can return the product for a refund within 30 days from the purchase date. You will have to present the receipt, and you will also have to return the product in its original packaging. You will have to cover the return shipping cost.


  • Rubber Massage Attachments – The massage attachments are made out of rubber, and they provide a very comfortable massage sensation. The rubber is also water resistant, so you can use the massager while you’re taking a shower.
  • Good Exfoliation – The scrub brushes are very effective at getting rid of your dead skin cells. This can be a very good advantage for people who want to improve their skin’s aspect.


  • Powered By Batteries – Having a massager that runs on batteries can be very good if you want to use it without having to worry about recharging the unit, but it can increase your operating costs. Batteries are expensive, and the massager will run through 3 AA batteries in about three hours of use. This means you’ll have to change the batteries roughly once every two weeks of constant use
  • No Speed Settings – This handheld massager uses a single speed setting. If you’re not pleased with the speed, there’s nothing you can do.

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