LX3 Lunix Hand Massager Review – for Arthritis and Hand Pain Relief

Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to this Linux LX3 massager. Its main goal is to let you relax your palm, hands, and fingers after exhaustion. If you feel pain in your muscles or need some improvement in your blood circulation, then this product will answer your needs.

A key thing that our team liked is the fact that the model is fully adjustable. It will not be challenging to set and will give you the so coveted customization that many other products in the same class lack.


A crucial part of the functionality of this product is the well-written instructions. Dealing with a massager can be quite challenging when you aren’t familiar with all the settings and modes. The display is also a vital addition as it will feed you some information depending on what commands you select.

The size of the person’s hands almost doesn’t matter. Tall people with extra-large hands will also be able to fit the gadget without any problem. The product also does not apply strong pressure between the index finger and the thumb.

A slight knock on this unit is the fact that the battery is integrated. It cannot be replaced in case it fails, and the product will need to be sent for repairs. What’s good is that you will not need to buy any regular batteries. Just plug the unit in and use it.

Another advantage of using this massager is the soft velvety pad and palm rest for proper placement of hand inside the massager. This pad provides a very relaxing massage.

The Lunix Hand Massager gives you an excellent gift option for your favorite people, regardless of the occasion.



LX3 Lunix Hand Massager for Arthritis and Hand Pain Relief– Dimensions : 11.8 x 6.3 x 4.7 Inches

– Voltage : DC 5V

– Weight : 3lbs

– Cordless Rechargeable : Yes

– Battery : Lithium-Ion Battery 2500mAh, included

– Modes : 6 Program Modes & 6 intensity levels

– Working time with a full charge : 3 hours



The manufacturers pride themselves on providing only tested & premium products with lifetime Warranty and  US-based customer support. The return policy of the company complies with all up-to-date standards, and customer satisfaction is a top priority. You will receive a full refund if you aren’t 100% satisfied with the massager.

The package includes 1 hand massager, 1 USB charger cord, 1 travel bag & 1 finger massager. If you have any questions or concerns, you need to contact their customer service at [email protected], and they will contact you back in less than 24 hours. You can call them about anything, including if you lose the charger cord. You can buy another one separately.


– The LX3 Lunix hand massager squeezes away the stress and strain of daily life by relieving the pain from arthritis and carpal tunnel, and by getting rid of finger numbness and joint soreness thanks to 6 intensities (the most on the market), 6 different program modes, 2 vibration modes and 1 heat function

– You can bring and use it wherever you want because it’s cordless & rechargeable: the charging time is around 4 hours (5V/2A) and working time around 3 hours for a normal use


– Some customers complain about the pressure being too intense: it may feel uncomfortable for older people or those with somewhat sensitive hands. It is recommended that you lower the intensity in such cases.

– The USB wall charger is not included however you can still charge the massager to a USB laptop port thanks to the USB cable included in the packaging. If you want to charge the massager faster, you need to buy a wall charger which would cost around $5.